Video: Joacim Boive riding his KTM enduro bike off-road

A Swedish motorcyclist is aiming to be the first one-legged person to compete in an enduro series after taking up off-road riding. Joacim Boive lost his right leg to cancer when he was 13 but was determined not to let it stop his dream of riding a motorcycle.

His dad adapted a bike so he could apply the rear brake with his left heel and he became the first person in Sweden to gain a motorcycle licence with only one leg.

"I rode everywhere for years," Boive told MCN. "But then I had a very bad accident 16 years ago when I broke my pelvis and gave it up. I didn’t ride until four years ago when my wife suggested I take it back up as she used to enjoy riding pillion.

"I had a BMW K1300S for a while – I enjoyed riding it on the back wheel! But it was too heavy so I bought a KTM Super Duke."

Joacim Boive with his KTMs

After buying the KTM, Boive won a trip to the KTM factory where he told them of his desire to try enduro despite having no off-road experience at all. KTM Sweden wanted to help him on his journey, by providing an 450EXC as well as some world-class off-road training.

"At first, even just standing up and turning was difficult," added Boive. "But I’ve mastered that now. I just have to be careful turning right – if I stall I cannot stop myself from falling. I’m training on a motocross track at the moment and I’m taking extra care with my knee because if I hurt it, I’ll end up stuck in a wheelchair."

Boive’s goal is to enter a local enduro in July with a desire to reach the finish line having completed three laps. We’ll be following him on his journey, so look out for more updates along the way.

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