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Dear MCN reader,

The juxtaposition between sitting in the shrine to Britain’s motorcycling history last week, while industry luminaries debated biking’s future with government representatives and environmental policy advisors was not lost on me.

I was at the fabulous National Motorcycle Museum for an MCIA conference devoted to the pressing subjects of alternative fuels, zero-emission motorcycles and the decarbonisation of the motorcycle industry. That might not sound interesting – but it was actually fascinating.

The great and the good of the UK motorcycle industry, think tanks, and government representatives came together last week to debate the landscape of motorcycling in a more eco-friendly future. And there was plenty of division in evidence as manufacturers already on the path to decarbonisation made a case for needing more time in order to deliver greener machines both globally, and for the UK market – the only market to have legislated for zero-emission new models .

Quite apart from the fact that motorcycles only contribute 0.46% to the UK’s vehicle emissions problem, and that the UK is the only country that has committed to including motorcycles in their zero-emission transport plans – there was a clear message from manufacturers that they don’t just want to blindly traipse down the automotive path already laid by our four-wheeled friends to battery electric vehicles, but to have a proper opportunity to evaluate the potential of green fuels in internal combustion engines (without the impact of fossil fuels). Amidst a future littered with green options, the only apparent consensus was that hydrogen isn’t likely to be workable for motorcycles anytime soon.

The good news amongst all this uncertainty, is that manufacturers are just as committed to making bikes we want to ride as they have been throughout the ICE age.

And if you want to park the future for now, and live in the glorious present (and near-future) instead, make sure you book your tickets to the fabulous Devitt Insurance MCN London Motorcycle Show that starts on Friday next week. It’s going to epic – I hope to see many of you there.

Enjoy the ride…

Richard Newland – Editor, MCN

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2 – Bubba’s scrub

No-one has had more impact on the shape of modern motocross than James ‘Bubba’ Stewart. His ‘scrub’ is MX’s ‘Rossi dangle’. He rode perfect seasons, took multiple titles and was the first African American to win an AMA title.

3 – Ténéré at 40

Named for a region where the toughest rally raiders on Earth battled the sands of the Paris-Dakar Rally, the Ténéré has become synonymous with adventure bikes. We celebrate the legend’s 40 years of production and evolution.

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Richard Newland

By Richard Newland