Plans announced to ban all mobile use at the wheel

Rules on phone usage when driving could change
Rules on phone usage when driving could change

A consultation has been opened to toughen up the laws around using a mobile phone while in charge of a vehicle on the road.

You might think that the rules stop you from doing it already, but technology has actually got away from the law on this one and it’s left us with a daft set of circumstances.

Because of the wording of existing regs around using a phone at the wheel, some drivers have been using a loophole to escape punishment.

Under the current system, you can be punished for using an ‘interactive communication’ device, however if the police can’t prove you were communicating it’s been possible for drivers to avoid prosecution.

That means drivers have been getting away with taking photos, shuffling through music or even playing games.

Under the new proposals simply picking up a phone while at the wheel will land you with a £100 fine and six points. There will still be some exemptions (using a phone for contactless payments or phoning the emergency services) but the new law should make it a lot easier for the police to prosecute.

It’s hoped the law will make riders safer, as most accidents take place at junctions, where drivers are also most likely to pick up a phone. The consultation is running until January 2021 and you can get involved at