Martin Fitz-Gibbons

Former road tester

Martin spent over 15 years working in the motorcycle media for Bike, RiDE and MCN and also as a highly respected freelance rider and writer.

In 2014 he helped set up motorcycling podcast Front End Chatter, where he remains a co-host to this day. Martin joined Sportsbikeshop in 2021 as marketing manager and created top quality content about riding kit and bike accessories for the firm’s website. His knowledge of bike riding kit and their protective qualities, is second-to-none.

He then returned to the world of freelance writing in 2023 and currently writes top-notch features and tests for Bike, Ride and MCN.

He loves all types of bikes, including the electric variety and is mechanically capable. He has been known to rumble around on a trusty Suzuki SV650 but also loves a bit of resto from time to time.

Martin is also a decent rider and can sometimes be seen wrestling aforementioned SV around Cadwell Park and the like.

Martin Fitz-Gibbons

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