Stay dry whatever the weather: Alpinestars Hurricane waterproof oversuit review

Alpinestars Hurricane Waterproof Oversuit Review
Alpinestars Hurricane Waterproof Oversuit Review

These two-piece motorcycle waterproofs are designed to be worn over road riding kit. A one-piece version is also available of the Alpinestars Hurricane Waterproof oversuit as well.

Tested by Michael Neeves for 10 years/20,000 miles

Price: £85.49 (Jacket) £71.24 (Trousers)


  • Light
  • Wind cheating and waterproof
  • Easy to wear and store


  • Pricey, but worth it
  • Comfort
  • Practicality
  • Looks
  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Value
  • Overall
Construction 100% waterproof polyamide fabric
Type Waterproof over jacket and trousers
  • Jacket: mesh lining with inner pocket, elasticated neck section, Velcro fasteners and straps, bottom drawstring, reflective strips and storage bag.
  • Trousers: elasticated waist, zip-up hem, reflective sections and storage bag. Sizes: XS – 4XL

Is the Alpinestars Hurricane comfortable?

I’ve tried my fair share of waterproofs over the last 37 years of riding. Back in the day they weren’t much better than bin bags that would flap in the first breath of wind and rip in the next, but fortunately they’ve evolved.

The Alpinestars Hurricane Waterproof top and bottoms fit nice and snugly, without being too tight or restrictive. Mine are large, which fit nicely over medium-size riding kit. Once they’re on the Velcro straps, fasteners and elasticated cuffs, neck and waist keep you sealed in away the elements.

I wear them just as much to keep the wind out when it’s cold to using them in full blast rain. I sometimes wear the top under a riding jacket as an extra wind-cheating layer during cold road test photoshoots. Having such long legs, most waterproofs I’ve tried ride-up at the bottom too much, inviting the rain to slosh around into my boots, but these are long enough to keep trench foot at bay. The neck is also a decent height, which keeps out the wind.

Is the Alpinestars Hurricane practical?

Alpinestars Hurricane Waterproof Jacket

Being so thin, they’re light and easy to wear and they have their own storage bags, making them simple to carry in a rucksack, or secret away in a kit bag. I went for the two-piece versions, just because they’re more practical.

A one-piece oversuit has its obvious advantages in the bad weather, but a two-piece is better for when nature calls and lets you just use the jacket on its own. Hems unzip wide enough to slide over bike boots, which is a godsend when you’re caught in a downpour at the side of the road.

Does the Alpinestars Hurricane look good?

They come in plain black or lumo yellow. Both have reflective sections for maximum visibility and are nicely fitted and not too frumpy looking.

Alpinestars Hurricane Waterproof Trousers

Is the Alpinestars Hurricane good quality?

I’ve been wearing them for well over ten years for road testing, commuting and riding holidays. They look lived-in and don’t smell the sweetest impregnated with the fug of a million cars, vans, lorries and buses, but there are no rips or tears and the seams, zips and Velcro fasteners are still in perfect condition.  

Does the Alpinestars Hurricane offer good protection?

They don’t offer any form of crash protection, but the Alpinestars Hurricane Waterproof oversuit shield you from the elements perfectly and take the sting out of a winter day. They don’t let in a drop of water, even in torrential rain.

Is the Alpinestars Hurricane good value?

Alpinestars Hurricane Waterproof Trousers

You can buy a lot cheaper, but they’re a great investment. Not only to they work as they should, they’ve stood the test of time over a decade of use and are still going strong.

An Oxford Rainseal All-Weather Over Jacket costs £34.99 and it’s £24.99 for the trousers. Tucano Urbano’s Set Diluvio Pro waterproofs will set you back £76.99 for both parts or the Richa Rain Warrior Jacket costs £45.99 and £26.99 for the trousers.

The verdict

The Alpinestars Hurricane Waterproof Jacket and Trousers may not be the cheapest waterproofs you can buy, but they’re lightweight, practical, comfortable and keep the elements at bay. They’re still going strong despite a decade of constant use, which goes a long way to justify the price.

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