Pack it away: Best motorcycle kit storage options

Best Motorcycle Kit Storage Options
Best Motorcycle Kit Storage Options

If you only have a single motorbike outfit and helmet, then keeping your kit stored when you’re not using it will probably be fairly straightforward. However, if you have more than one set of kit, you will need some kit storage options.

You may have kit for trackdays, for example, with another for touring, one for weekend chip-runs and one for occasional off-roading – then keeping your kit stored safety and out of the way can start to become tricky.

Of course, you can always pop it out of the way in a wardrobe for example but one thing to bear in mind is the weight of motorcycle kit. I’ve just weighed a textile touring suit with decent armour throughout and it was 5.5kg – that’s without any airbag inserts.

That’s considerably more than the equivalent space of normal clothing so a traditional wardrobe may not be the optimal kit storage option for holding a selection of motorcycle clothing.

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You could also do with not shutting clothing away (unless you’re putting it away for say the winter) so that it gets some air circulation around it to keep it fresh.

There’s nothing worse than digging out clothing from the loft when the weather improves and it’s musty at best and at worst, been eaten by moths or mice.

Here are a few kit storage options to help keep your kit handy and in tip-top shape.

The most basic way of hanging your motorcycle clothing and familiar to anyone who's ever been to a car-boot sale. This clothing rail is heavy-duty, with a quoted capacity of 160kg so should be able to handle any and all motorcycle kit you hang on it.

It’s basic but can be moved on the included castors, the metal parts are powder-coated for a durable finish and it is assembled with no tools necessary making it an accessible kit storage option.


  • Basic
  • Strong
  • Handle plenty of gear


  • Jackets and trousers only

Described as Heavy Duty, this clothing rack/wardrobe frame comes up as Amazons Choice for Motorcycle clothing storage and gets good reviews on the site. It stands 180cm tall and 120cm wide, with a capacity on the hanging bar of 30kg, which should be plenty enough for most motorcyclists.

The height of the shelves is adjustable and each of them is capable of holding 40kg, so helmets, boots and gloves are easily accommodated.


  • Plenty of capacity
  • Storage all necessary kit
  • Adjustable shelving


  • Open so clothing may get dusty

Rrp: £30.74

Price: £26.99
Amazon Amazon Prime

While this coat rack is intended for less dynamic kit than our riding gear, it is still a nice solution for your day-to-day kit. The shelf is 66cm x 30cm and will house a couple of helmets or a helmet and boots while your jacket and trousers can hang underneath either on one of the hooks or on a hanger on the rail; hooks can handle 3kg and the rail, up to 10kg.

The combination of metal frame and wooden shelf gives a nice balance and there is also a black and grey version available too.


  • Simple and effective
  • House day-to-day riding gear
  • Suit most interiors


  • Must drill into wall to fix

The pricing of these helmet stands is almost as confusing as the company naming concept; one is £12.99, two costs £15.29 and four, £23.99 if you have four helmets. But whatever the naming and pricing, it is a simple and elegant way to store your helmet; screw it to the wall and rest your helmet over the top.

It helps to maintain airflow around the helmet while keeping it out of the way of harm. Simple and effective with good reviews.


  • Keep helmets secure
  • Allow air flow for freshness
  • Good for storage and display


  • May mark interior padding
Price: £37.91

This handy gear tidy from tool manufacturer Sealey is fairly small 49cm x 35cm - but is designed to house a single helmet on top and a pair of gloves underneath, and makes for a good kit storage option.

Formed in metal tube with mesh shelves, this allows air to circulate around both the helmet and gloves, so it would be good to let them dry after a wet ride, thanks to the air circulating around.


  • Keeps helmet and gloves out of harm’s way
  • Allow air to circulate
  • Simple and effective


  • Expensive for what it is
Price: £49.24

This wall-mounted rack is a very nice design, combining wood and metal for a look and feel that should work in many homes or garages. It is designed to accept a helmet on the top section, with a large wooden block spreading the load on the lid's interior lining so it doesn't mark or distort.

The lower hook can be used for clothing either on a hanger for a suit, for example, or simply a jacket hung like a normal coat hook.


  • Elegant styling
  • Padded helmet rest
  • Metal construction


  • May not suit all tastes
Price: £15.00
Amazon Amazon Prime

This generic bracket is designed to house a helmet and a jacket or suit and has a very small profile when not in use. It is made from a polymer-based on corn-starch so it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly and is designed to hang a helmet from the back as well as provide a handy hanging hook for keys or clothing and a hole for a coat hanger, possibly loaded with a textile suit, for example, to hang on.


  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  • Low-profile on wall
  • Great value


  • Only secured by one screw

So this is more the kind of thing you might install at work for you and one or two other bikers or if you want to store your kit in safety in say your garage or workshop. This large version is large its 176cm high and 115cm wide with double doors and a host of storage options, including a hanging rail and adjustable shelving.

There is also the option of installing tube heaters in the base to keep your kit at a suitable temperature and the base, as well as the doors, are perforated to allow air circulation.


  • Secure storage
  • Large capacity
  • House all riding kit


  • Perhaps overkill for at home

The Biker Tidy storage system was designed by a biker, so you can imagine it works. Available as wall-mounted or this freestanding example and with a double freestanding one as well (effectively two of these back to back), it offers space to hang jackets and trousers, areas to house gloves, a shelf for a couple of helmets and room for a couple of pairs of boots as well.

The use of a metal-tube frame and mesh shelving means plenty of air circulation to keep your kit fresh and help it dry after a wet ride with an optional drip tray.


  • House all of your kit
  • Freestanding
  • Allow kit to stay fresh and dry


  • Takes up space

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