Best Motorcycle Shelters

Best Motorcycle Shelters
Best Motorcycle Shelters

If you don’t have a shed or garage to keep your motorbike in, then it will have to stay exposed to the elements and prying eyes of potential thieves. While a cover will help protect it from sun and rain, a folding motorcycle shelter can be more convenient, offering an easier way to cover your bike.

Rather than stretching a cover over the bike to fit where they touch and potentially trap moisture against the body, wheels and engine, motorcycle shelters fold over the bike and don’t generally touch it. So, if the bike is put away wet, then the moisture has the space to dissipate. This is far more beneficial in the long term and less likely to result in the usual pitfalls of keeping a bike outside, such as rusty chains, corroded fasteners and seized calipers.

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Also, if it is windy, for example, then there is less chance of the material moving against the bike’s paintwork and damaging it in a motorcycle shelter.

And in some cases, the framework of the cover can be locked, adding a degree of security as well. That’s on top of locking the bike to a ground anchor inside the shelter, for example. It also keeps your pride and joy away from prying eyes and out of temptation’s way – contrary to the fact that theft rings appear highly organised, most crimes are carried out by opportunists.

So here are some options to store your bike outside easily and securely in a motorcycle shelter.

The best motorcylcle shelters:

Price: 179.99 (was £199.99)

This shelter from Armadillo uses a sturdy metal frame and 600D waterproof cover to protect the bike from rain and wind.

It has a locking mechanism on the frame to prevent it from being opened (additional padlocks needed) and comes with anchor bolts to fix to the ground for extra security. It comes in three sizes to cater for a range of bikes.

Size: (large) 345cm (l) x 137cm (w) x 190cm (h)

This motorcycle shelter from Vevor operates like others, with the rear section of the frame lifting off the ground completely and the bike riding in, with the shelter than folded back over the bike to cover it.

This one is described as waterproof, UV resistant and will protect the bike from snow and dust as well. The frame is galvanised steel and the cover uses a 600D cover with a waterproof lining.

Size: 270cm (l) x 105cm (w) x 155cm (h)
Price: £179.99

This folding cover gets mixed reviews (as they all do) but those who like it really seem to like it. It's almost three metres long and 1.7m tall and the manufacturer says it is large enough to fit virtually all bikes.

It sits over the bike and the frame spans bring the cover over the top and secure at the back, from the bike’s perspective and protects the bike from rain, sunlight, dust and debris.

Size: 295cm (l) x 105cm (w) x 170cm (h)

This shelter uses a slightly different-shaped frame to create a higher, more house-like shape when closed. It also has air vents on either side of the peak of the 'roof' and like others, is formed in 600D material for waterproofing and UV protection, as well as from dust and prying eyes.

The frame is made from powder-coated mild steel so you’ll need to be careful not to chip it off and it comes with expander bolts and brackets so the frame can be secured to the ground. It’s also huge.

Size: 345cm (l) x 137cm (w) x 190cm (h)
Price: £169.95

This shelter gets pretty good reviews online and comes with galvanised steel framework so you'll never need to worry about it getting rusty. It comes in kit form and should be simple to assemble and the cover is made in 600D canvas with breathable mesh vents in the roof. The manufacturer describes it as 'massive', saying it will fit all conventional bikes.

Size: 270cm (l) x 105cm (w) x 157cm (h)

Alternative options

Here’s a little list of other options which may be suited to you if you want something a bit bigger or smaller than the above.

If you don't have a shed but you have the space for one, this secure option from Asgard is a top choice. It's got reinforced and galvanised metals in all the right places, robust anchor points and drill and pick resistant locks. There are hidden vents to allow fumes and moisture to air out.

Best for workplaces, collections and garages

If you have more than one bike and want something a bit more substantial in the way of motorbike storage then Shelter Store offer galvanised or powder-coated options. With anti-climb roof and frame ends and clear polycarbonate panels, this solution is something that would take up more space but offers some great outside storage.

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