Forget 'shrink it and pink it'! Here are great deals on kit our female testers would actually wear


Our focus this week is on gear designed specifically to fit the female biker. It’s a segment of the market that has seen steady growth in recent years and many manufacturers have moved to accommodate that, developing their ranges beyond the ‘shrink it and pink it’ offerings to practical, wearable products. The best of the current deals are on motorcycle jackets, so we’ve included a spread of different styles and highlighted some leggings and gloves too.

Leading ladies – top deals on girls-only gear

Save 26%
Price: £169.99 (was £229.99)
The Urbane Pro Utility shirt from protection specialists Knox is a close-fitting armoured garment that can be worn on its own or paired up with different layers depending on weather conditions. As a stand-alone, it’s certified to CE A standard for abrasion resistance and comes with level 1 Micro-Lock shoulder and elbow armour, plus a level 2 back protector and provision for a separate chest protector. Highly breathable thanks to stretchy mesh panels, it’s available in either olive green or black.

Best deals at a glance

Whatever the weather

Save 40%
Price: £77.99 (was £129.99)
Available in sizes 8 to 22, this technical all-seasons jacket has a fixed membrane for waterproofing and removable thermal liner. It comes with CE armour for back, shoulders and elbows, and features stretch panels and adjustability for an enhanced fit.

Cowhide classic

Save 25%
Price: £239.21 (was £318.95)
A soft leather cowhide construction gives this CE A rated jacket plushness and pliability. It’s part of Held’s ‘Clip-In Technology’ range which allows the fitment of other layers, such as an airbag vest, and comes with shoulder and elbow armour.

Bad to the bone

Save 10%
Price: £129.99 (was £149.99)
This vintage cut leather jacket is CE AA certified and comes with level 2 shoulder and elbow protectors. It has a satin lining for comfort, with two internal pockets and a connector zip for attaching to trousers.

Here comes the summer

Save 43%
Price: £272.71 (was £479.95)
A combination of durable Tutu cowhide and generous ventilation panels make this an ideal sporty summer jacket. Stretch fabric at the hip, inner arms and across the chest provide a more comfortable fit and it comes with level 2 shoulder and elbow armour.

Stride out in style

Save 18%
Price: £89.99 (was £109.99)
With a stretch denim outer construction and aramid fibre lining, these form fitting leggings have achieved a CE AA rating. They have a high waist for extra protection and comfort, and come in either blue or black. Hip and knee armour is included.

Adventure shorties

Save 55%
Price: £19.99 (was £44.99)
Certified to CE level 1, these short textile gloves have reinforced palms, hard knuckle armour and foam padding for protection. Fingers have silicone print for enhanced grip across the levers, and both thumb and forefinger tips are touch screen friendly.

Last week’s bargains

I always have a textile jacket in my armoury, as it’s one of the most versatile pieces of kit you can buy. They’re designed to be worn for long days on the bike and come with all-weather, multi-season features to help keep you comfortable, whatever the conditions.

For waterproofing, most use a technical membrane that stops water from getting in and draws moisture away from the body to prevent condensation. This can be either a removable liner, fixed drop lining or bonded layer.

A removable thermal lining provides cosiness as required, but if you need to keep cool, extra airflow can be achieved with zipped vents that range from small intake slits to large mesh panels.

Where protection is concerned, the highest CE rating you’re likely to see in textile jackets is AA, as this retains a level of comfort and flexibility within the construction that can be hard to achieve with AAA. Elbow and shoulder armour will either be Level 1 or the higher rated level 2, and some include a back protector too.

I’ve had a good poke around the web and picked out some of the best deals for touring, commuting or adventure. Read on for the list!

Ride safe,

Justin Hayzelden, Products Editor

Textile jackets

Peak performers – our pick of the best deals on textile jackets

Save 39%
Price: £199.99 (was £329.99)
Oxford’s Hinterland jacket has a stretchy but tough nylon outer shell, with a tri-laminate breathable waterproof membrane and adjustable air vents front and rear. It meets CE AA standard and includes level 1 elbow and shoulder armour, with a pocket to add a suitable back protector. A removable thermal liner is also included.

Best deals at a glance

All weather all rounder

Save 25%
Price: £217.49 (was £289.99)
Protection is paramount with the Paveway, both from an unplanned dismount and the elements. CE certification is to AA standard, with level 2 shoulder, back and elbow armour, and it’s fully laminated with RST’s breathable and waterproof Sinaqua tech.

Feel the breeze

Save 30%
Price: £209.99 (was £299.99)
Featuring massive ventilation panels on the chest, arms and back, the RST Adventure-X will keep you cool when you’re working hard on the trails. It’s CE AA rated and comes with level 2 shoulder, elbow and back protectors.

What goes on tour…

Save 46%
Price: £79.99 (was £149.99)
Spada’s CE AA rated Taylor comes with level 2 shoulder and elbow armour, plus a level 1 back protector. The outer shell is PU coated and backed by a waterproof membrane, with a detachable thermal liner and mesh lining for comfort.

Triple tech adventurer

Save 30%
Price: £286.83 (was £409.95)
Engineered for all season performance using Dainese’s three layer D-DRY breathable and waterproof fabric, the Ladakh should keep you dry whatever the weather. It’s certified to CE A standard and comes with level 2 elbow and shoulder armour.

Wet weather wizard

Save 30%
Price: £244.99 (was £349.99)
This laminated jacket is part of Merlin’s adventure focused Explorer collection and is bristling with useful features. D3O protectors for shoulder, back and elbow are included, it boasts multiple pockets and is certified to CE AA standard.

It’s not about the destination

Save 33%
Price: £99.99 (was £149.99)
Available in sizes from S to 5XL, this jacket has a breathable, waterproof and windproof polyester outer with leather reinforcements on the shoulder. The thermal liner is detachable and it comes with CE shoulder and elbow armour.

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