The best motorcycle neck warmers you need in all weathers

Motorcycle neck warmers or neck tubes are an essential bit of kit. Whether you want to stop your neck getting cold in winter (as well as prevent draughts going down into your jacket or up into your helmet) or to stop the edge of your collar irritating your neck in the heat of summer, our handy guide with the best neck warmers should help. From a full balaclava to lightweight tube, our top neck warmers guide has something for every rider and every circumstance.

Best motorcycle neck warmers

Price: £30.52
The brand name Buff has become synonymous with neck tubes in much the same way that Hoover has with vacuum cleaners. Developed in Spain some 25 years ago, today's Buff offer a huge range of styles and designs, featuring both cooling and thermal properties. This Polar neck tube has a thick, fleecy band to keep the warmth in and a lightweight stretchy upper that the brand is famous for. This allows the Buff to be worn as an extra layer of insulation inside the helmet, as well as around the neck.
Tested by Emma Franklin for 6 months, 5,000 miles. Quality 5/5, Value 5/5. Made with clever Defender fabric this is a wind proof garment that really works. Forcefield’s Tornado Advance 2 neck warmer really is next-level in terms of providing noticeable protection against the external elements because there is absolutely no discernible air blast felt by the skin, even at high speeds.

The windproof material, which is used in the front part of the garment, also has the benefit of having a water resistance rating of 8000m – which is bordering on completely waterproof – and in practice means that it keeps your neck dry and warm, as rain simply bounces off the fabric. The outer fabric does get saturated after long exposure to heavy rain, but still does not allow moisture or chills to reach the skin beneath, plus it does seem to dry out fairly quickly once the rain stops, too.

Being shaped as more of a neck gaiter than a tube, the Forcefield Tornado also provides a bit of extra warmth and protection across the shoulders and top of the chest area, perfect as a bit of reassurance against leaky zips. Likewise, at the other end, the neck tube has been designed to come up high and cover your nose and mouth and as such there are ventilation holes to allow you to breathe comfortably. Wearing the neck tube in this way allows you to get a proper good seal around your helmet which has the double benefit of boosting warmth whilst also reducing wind noise.

Wearing it in this way over long distances, the fleecy Thermolite internal lining remains comfortable against the skin and doesn’t seem to get wet from condensation from the breath. However, I found that the elasticated top seam does leave a mark on my skin which lasts for an hour or so after I’ve taken the neck tube off although there is no associated discomfort.

All in all, this is a proper technical neck tube that’s now an essential long-distance riding bit of kit. Plus, it’s part of a range of windproof garments from Forcefield so you can team it up with an undershirt, leggings or gloves for full-body protection this winter.
Forcefield Tornado motorcycle neck warmer
Forcefield Tornado motorcycle neck warmer windproof membrane
Forcefield Tornado motorcycle neck warmer detail

Rrp: £25.99

Price: £22.99
Alpinestars know a thing or two about motorcycle clothing and this neck warmer is double layered with a fleece inner for comfort. Air holes ahead of the mouth allow better breathing and breath dissipation and the elasticated nose will hold it in position as you put your helmet on. The material stretches to allow head movement and it's long enough to tuck well down into your jacket to prevent draughts.
Some riders feel that a full balaclava can be restrictive and affect the fit and comfort of the helmet but others prefer the all-in-one feel and coverage of just such a garment. There's no doubt that they offer excellent wind resistance, as there's no way cold air can find its way in to chill the neck or head. Synthetic material with Lycra gives this balaclava a close, anti-irritation fit and will also help wick moisture away from the head.
Price: £65.99
Rukka is famous for its extreme clothing and this neck warmer (there's a version with a balaclava covering as well) is designed to sit high on the face as well as deep into the jacket to keep the cold out. It's formed with a Gore-tex Windstopper outer shell so it's completely windproof as well as allowing the body to breath while preventing cold air entering and the rear-mounted Velcro tabs mean it always fits snugly.
Like the company's base layers, the neck tube is designed to regulate the body's temperature, staying cool in hot conditions and warm in the cold. It's formed in BeCool and Dryarn fabric and the design means it fits the face nicely as well as just sitting around the neck. The matching base layer top and long johns are excellent year-round and this technical garment would be a great addition to your kit, to keep you cool and prevent chaffing.
Kit and luggage specialist Oxford sells numerous packs of three neck tubes, all featuring variation-on-a-theme patterns within the same pack but with a huge number of different design themes available. This paisley pack has three tubes, all in polyester microfibre and seam-free for comfort and they can be worn in various ways, including as neck tubes, skull caps and face masks.
Not everyone can wear wool but if you can, then a Merino wool garment is widely regarded as the best base layer for winter riding and this Merino neck tube from EDZ is just the ticket. It keeps you warm while wicking perspiration away, protects the skin from the cold and stops draughts. If you want even more warmth, then there's also a balaclava if you can get one under your helmet.
Tested by Joseph Wright for four months, 1,500 miles. Quality 2/5, Value 3/5. Japan based Zerofit's Heatrub neck warmer utilises the same technology as their award winning thermal base layer to seal the gap between collar and chin. MCN's Joseph Wright has been putting one to the test.

Zerofit normally strikes the perfect balance between comfort and warmth but sadly not this time. Don’t get me wrong this neck warmer will keep you more than toasty on frosty January mornings but I found it just too much for me.

While the neck warmer provides great insulation, it feels restrictive, making it difficult to turn my neck for good visibility when approaching roundabouts and using slip roads. Being a newer rider I would choose awareness and safety over coziness. On the other hand, for marathon motorway miles this is the ultimate winter warmer and the heat rub technology is top class.

The Heat threads which claim to make this apparel five times warmer are effective but the material feels a little irritating and prickly.  So, while this neck warmer is the ultimate insulator it also delivers restricted mobility.

Rrp: £8.99

Price: £7.99
These versatile polyester face tubes feature printed skull lower jaws for that Ghost Rider look and feel. Perfect for riders who aren't afraid to release their inner demon, these can be worn in a variety of ways to set riders aside from the crowd, of living human beings, that is.

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