Best Vegan Motorcycle Gear From Vegan Boots To Vegan Gloves

Best Vegan Motorcycle Gear From Vegan Boots To Vegan Gloves
Best Vegan Motorcycle Gear From Vegan Boots To Vegan Gloves

Life is all about choices and more people are choosing to live their lives as vegan, avoiding the use of any form of animal products. Brands are introducing vegan motorcycle products which use more sustainable materials.

While it’s becoming easier to adopt a healthy and animal-product-free diet, eliminating any forms of animal product from your furniture or clothing can still be tricky and that includes vegan motorcycle products.

And it’s even harder when you start to consider a subject as relatively niche as vegan motorcycle products. We know it’s very easy to buy decent motorcycle kit that will protect you; in fact, arguably the most protective form of clothing is a set of racing leathers, but clearly, that will never satisfy someone’s desires to avoid animal products.

However, there are options out there for riders who want to live a cruelty-free life – they just take a little more finding. We’ve rounded up some vegan motorcycle products for riders who want to avoid animal products yet give themselves the best protection and comfort when riding.

Price: 240-£330

While the description on Amazon says they are formed in 'Leather/Synthetic', we have been assured that the Clima Surround GTX is vegan motorcycle product - the importer's website has a roundel on a large number of other TXC boots that are made free of animal products. These Clima boots are made in Cordura and microfibre with a Gore-Tex membrane to keep weather out. This also covers vents in the base which allow the foot to breathe even more in warm conditions. There is plenty of protection from impact as well and in the past, we've found them comfortable.

Seal of Approval - we've tested this product and found it performs well

Price: 176.24 (was £234.99)

This sporty textile jacket from French manufacturer Furygan packs a punch; it's CE A-rated and comes with Level-1 D3O armour on the shoulders and elbows, with external hard plastic protectors on the shoulders too and there's a pocket for Furygan's D3O back protector. It is also one of the brand's range of garments that is compatible with its In&motion-powered zip-in airbag vest for additional protection (though this may not be Vegan-friendly). It's waterproof, has a removable thermal liner and a venting system too for when the temperature starts to climb.

Price: 53.55 (was £59.50)

Getting good retro luggage can be tricky but Givi has made it easy, with its new range of Corium products. All are made from polyester, all are waterproof and all are vegan motorcycle products. There is a pair of rear panniers with a capacity of 16 litres each, which attach using a mount that sits over the pillion pad, there's a seat pad to cover the frame for pillions too. There's also a magnetic eight-litre tank-bag with a rain cover and an 18-litre rucksack that doubles as a saddlebag. Finally, there's a leg-bag for quick access to essential bits and bobs.

Seal of Approval - we've tested this product and have found it performs well

Price: 499.99

This touring-style jacket was given a Recommended triangle when tested by RiDE, and I've used it extensively and it's a good piece of kit. It's warm, totally dry and the Gore-Tex membrane means it doesn't absorb too much water when it starts to get wet. CE rated A, it comes with Level-1 shoulder and elbow armour and there's a pocket for a back protector. It's a comfortable and easy-to-use jacket that has useful vents on the front to allow some cooling air in when it gets warm.

Price: 199.99 (was £269.99)

If a set of not-too-in-your-face sports boots is your thing, then these from Sidi will fit the bill. Formed with a Technomicro microfibre upper, they feature a zip closure on the inside with a Velcro-secured top flap and an adjustable fastener to suit different leg widths. There's an anti-twist foot brace that allows the foot to move forwards and back but protects against twisting and there is an air-vent system to keep the feet cool. There is external protection to the shin and heel and replaceable toe sliders.

Price: 1,275 (EUR 1,477) (plus import charges from EU)

If you're serious about track work, then a set of racing leathers is the way to go - but clearly not real leather, this is a vegan motorcycle product. This suit from Spanish company Andromeda offers CE AAA rating levels of protection and is available as both a one-piece and a two-piece garment. Formed in synthetic leather and Keprotech with Superfabric in key areas, they come with CE Level-2 armour at the shoulders, elbows and forearms, hips, knees, coccyx and back with Level-1 armour at the chest. Each is tailor-made, rather than off the shelf, hence the two-month wait.

Price: 149 (EUR 128.66) (plus import charges from EU)

Producing the NearX race suit in synthetic leather (above), it's no surprise Andromeda also manufactures a pair of track-ready gloves. These are made with full Kevlar and Superfabric construction with carbon protectors on the knuckles and Superfabric on the palm, thumb and fingers. There's also a hard-plastic protector on the heel of the palm and a grip panel across the bottom of the fingers.

These CE AA-rated textile trousers from Spada come with CE armour at the hips and knees and are laminated waterproof throughout. They use Spada's Ventech venting system and come with a removable thermal lining, making them great for year-round riding. They have an adjustable waist, stretch panels at the knees, waterproof lockets and long and short zips to join to matching jackets.

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