Tried and tested: Alpinestars Web GTX review

The Alpinestars Web GTX are a great all-round boot that will keep your feet warm, protected and reasonably warm but don’t sparkle in any particular area. That isn’t a criticism by any means – if anything it’s an endorsement of their universal appeal, just like that cheese sarnie. Let me explain…

On paper, they have all the ingredients necessary to do their job perfectly. They don’t look anything special – no patterns, no bio-mechanical external bracing systems, no massive chunky sections of armour. There’s no technical synthetic outer – the upper is formed in good old leather but the investment has gone into the use of Gore-Tex as the waterproof and breathable membrane.

There are times when you’re hungry that a cheese sandwich on white bread is just what you need. Something innocuous and universally liked but simple and uncomplicated. There are, of course, other times when you want something a bit more adventurous, a bit fancier, a bit more specialised. But for a quick filling snack, a cheese sandwich is great – and these boots from Alpinestars are that cheese sandwich.

Price: £208.99 (was £219.99)


  • Pros:
  • Highest CE rating for protection
  • Superbly comfortable
  • Gore-Tex membrane for waterproofing and breathability


  • Not very inspiring

There is a moulded plastic armour plate in the shin, covered in leather and internal reinforcement around the toe and the heel. Inside, there is a replaceable anatomic footbed and the access zip is mounted on the inside of the foot, with a Velcro-secured flap covering the zip and closing the boot at the top of the leg. There are accordion panels on the front and the rear to allow movement on the bike’s pedals and there is an EVA padded liner.

On paper, they look… alright. But it’s when you put them on that you realise they are superb all-rounders. I might be in a minority but I have always found Alpinestars boots to fit be nigh-on perfectly and the Web GTX are no different. My foot – a reasonably wide UK9 – slips nicely into an EU44 boot and is held securely but not tightly. The interior is nicely padded, and the foot is held in place but there is enough give in the lining to allow them to move and breathe.

Doing them up is easy – they aren’t as tall as some other boots, making them perfect for rides where you may also end up off the bike, as the accordion panels allow plenty of movement on the bike without gaping, as well as allowing you to walk comfortably. The sole has plenty of grip for both the bike’s pegs and on the pavement.

Alpinestars Web GTX sole

I rode in them plenty of times in the wet and in some chilly conditions too and while my feet never felt cold, neither did they feel overly warm. However, they stayed dry on each and every ride, even in very wet conditions. They tuck up under textile trousers easily and because the shin armour isn’t too intrusive, they will also go under many jeans.

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The feel you get for the bike is reasonable – it’s not sports-boot levels of tacticity nor do you feel you could head off-road with them and be protected in the harshest of rock gardens but coming back to the original point, that’s not what they are intended for. Having said all of that, they do achieve the highest-possible CE rating for protection – 2-2-2-2 – meaning they will look after your feet if the worst happens, and you do part company with the bike.


The Web GTX from Alpinestars is a great all-round pair of boots. They don’t look particularly inspiring nor protective but they are – they get the highest CE rating and once on, feel superbly comfortable.

Alpinestars Web GTX zip opening

They keep your feet dry and warm and tuck under trousers easily. They aren’t the warmest nor give the best feel but they keep your feet warm and dry, thanks to that Gore-Tex membrane. A bit like a nice chutney in your cheese sandwich…

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