The Furygan Angie D3O are a mid-priced urban boot | 90s style with modern protection

When I was at school it was definitely the skater era with Vans trainers and baggy clothing and these Furygan Angie D30 boots remind me of that fashion trend – which I love. Furygan say that they pair with men’s Get Down shoes, so if you’re looking for a male equivalent, that might be a great place to start!

Aside from the aesthetics, sneaker-type motorcycle boots have cemented their place in the market in recent years, and this is only one of Furygan’s multiple offerings for the trend.

Tested by Saffron Wilson for 10 months/6639 miles


  • Comfy as can be


  • Don’t let water get in the top!
  • Comfort
  • Looks
  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Value
  • Overall
Construction High-tenacity polyester
Type Urban/casual sneaker
CE Rating 1-1-1-1
Armour Heel and ankle support, D3O ankle protector
  • Waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Anti-slip rubber coating
  • Reflective inserts
  • Gear shifter abrasion resistant material
  • Removable insole
  • 2 pairs of laces included

What’s the comfort like?

I have to give these boots five stars for comfort. Most of the time I forgot they were even meant to be bike boots and I wore them just as high-tops. They are durable enough to switch gears without giving your toes any grief, and you can easily wear them for hundreds of miles – or hundreds of steps.

Admittedly, I’m used to this style of shoe from my casual footwear, so they were right up my street, so I would recommend you give them a try on and walk around the house before you commit. But there are no complaints here.

The Furygan Ladies Angie D3O boots, close up of the heel

It’s worth noting that these boots are indeed waterproof, so if you were looking for a summer boot with lots of breathability you may have to compromise, but for someone like me who has cold feet no matter what the weather, I found them snug and comforting even during warmer days.

Do they look good?

We always have the argument as to whether ladies motorcycle gear has to have pink in it, and for me personally on these shoes, I think the bold colour choices complement each other well.

But, saying that, there is a black and gold variant for a sleeker look, so pick the one that’s right for you.

In terms of the overall styling, as I mentioned above, they remind me of a time in my teens where skater footwear was all the rage (for my friendship group at least) so I’m a big fan of the big tongue and panels on the side with the pink stitching. I think the solid white sole is a good move too and really brings an urban element to this piece of motorcycling apparel.

The Furygan Ladies Angie D3O boots

How well made are they?

When I first received these boots, I was dubious as to whether they would stand by their claim of being waterproof – but I was pleasantly surprised.

They are one of the most waterproof trainer boots I’ve ever tested, and can reliably hold up from a shower to a downpour. Of course, they have a low profile compared to other bike boots on the market, so you need to sure your motorcycle waterproofs fit comfortably over the top. Once the rain gets in, you’re likely to be walking in puddles for the rest of the day.

But it should be mentioned that their durability is impressive. I put them to the test both on and off the bike with high mileage and they still look pretty good – just well worn. The only noticeable bits are the sole has started to wear in some places… mainly where you sit on the pegs, and the Furygan sticker on the heel has peeled away. But they are more than capable of covering another 6000 miles.

Protection and CE ratings

These boots are Level 1 CE approved (out of 2) and offers impact protection at the ankles – you can see this on the label, it says IPA. As they are not top notch in terms of crash protection, they may be better suited to slower pace, urban riding, but if you’re someone who hates lugging hefty bike boots around, they are definitely a great alternative than using non-bike specific footwear.

The Furygan Ladies Angie D3O boots, close up of the D3O label

Are they good value?

At the £140ish mark, they are mid-range in price when it comes to looking at urban/casual type motorcycle footwear. But they do have the benefit of being waterproof, which a lot of urban alternatives cannot claim, or MCN have proved otherwise!

Competitors include Alpinestars which tend to be another £40 on top, but have great quality, but Richa offer more affordable alternatives that are sub-£100.

Tested by Michael Neeves

Price: £149.99 (was £184.99)

Tested by Justin Hayzelden

Read our full review here

Tested by Saffron Wilson

Price: £103.25 (was £147.50)

Final thoughts

After 6000 miles together, it’s safe to say I grew quite fond of these boots. They became my go-to footwear during the summer and are comfortable both on and off the bike. I was really impressed how waterproof they were, as they survived proper downpours without breaking a sweat, and aside from some wear on the sole and the sticker peeling off, they have been extremely durable too.

With CE Level 1 protection, including impact protection at the ankles, they feel like a pair of trainers with the added peace of mind of motorcycle protection including reinforced heels and toes, and D30 protectors.

But even though they are equipped for use both on and off the bike, equipped with grippy soles, Airmesh material and removable insole, they haven’t compromised on style. The shoes scream retro skater vibes making them stand out from the crowd, and appealing to those of us who wore something similar in our teen years.

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