Membrane trust: The best motorcycle waterproofs to keep you dry whatever the weather chosen by MCN

Motorcycle waterproofs can be a real life-saver – especially in the UK where even the sunniest of mornings can become torrential afternoons.

There’s plenty of purpose-made waterproof kit on the market from laminated textiles through to treated denim riding jeans, but the products listed here are designed to be worn over the top of non-waterproof kit.

If you’re heading out in your leathers or a jacket and jeans but you think it might rain later, or if the shower you’re leaving in isn’t going to last, then a waterproof set or over suit could be just the job for you.

There are two options to choose from, a one-piece, which is generally more watertight and a two-piece, which is more flexible and gives you the option of just sticking the top half on if you don’t expect a downpour to last long.

Best motorcycle waterproofs:

This one-piece suit from Richa took a Best Buy award from sister title RiDE when it tested waterproofs a couple of years ago as-well-as a maximum 5 stars overall when tested by MCN's Gareth Evans for 600 wet miles. He said:

"This black rain suit is unremarkable to look at, yet at the same time incredibly capable. Starting with the negatives, I found it difficult to get around my shoulders (not the suit's fault...) and PVC isn't particularly breathable so what you wear underneath is important too.
"That's about it. I've been hugely impressed with its waterproofing considering how lightweight it feels, and while wrestling my way inside I've occasionally done things I was sure would have ripped the fabric, but it remains in fine fettle.
"The zip across the chest is very strong and sturdy, while the Velcro fastenings around the neck and elasticated cuffs are strong. And the icing on the cake is an integrated storage case with carrying strap, which folds neatly away."

Price: £85.49 (was £89.99)
MCN Chief Road Tester Michael Neeves has been wearing the Alpinestars Hurricane waterproof suit for over 10 years and 20,000 miles and gives it 4 stars overall in his full review. He said:

"The Alpinestars Hurricane Waterproof Jacket and Trousers may not be the cheapest waterproofs you can buy, but they’re lightweight, practical, comfortable and keep the elements at bay. They’re still going strong despite a decade of constant use, which goes a long way to justify the price."

Find the trousers here

MCN Editor Richard Newland has been wearing the Oxford Rainseal Pro MS waterproof jacket for 4 years over 10,000+ miles. He awarded it a full 5 stars, claiming ‘It’s like a second skin’ in his review:

"Almost every wet ride undertaken in the last four years has seen this lightweight, compact and hardy jacket acting as my first line of defence. When not in use, it lives in my rucksack or a pannier (can be packed away into its own inner pocket), and has been used against summer deluges at home and abroad, and throughout British winters."

"It’s really pleasing in use, and has a soft second-skin-like feel to it and you should order your actual jacket size – don’t upsize. The waterproof material is also breathable, and crucially it’s able to stretch in all directions, meaning you can get a snug and largely flap-free fit without it being restrictive or uncomfortable."

"If rain looks likely, I chuck in on in preparation as you don’t get sweaty or uncomfortable even if the rain never materialises. I also wear it when the roads are filthy and wet – even it’s not raining – as an added layer against the grime."

"It’s never let me down, dries out fast post-ride, and I reckon it’ll do the same mileage again. Love it."
Price: £79.98 (was £89.99)
This waterproof oversuit from Weise has the added benefit of a thermal lining as-well-as the waterproof outer, making it a great addition when the weather turns colder. MCN Videographer Joseph Wright gave it 4 stars overall when he tested it and found it a little bulky when not being worn. He said:

Waterproofs aren’t the most stylish of garments, but you are always glad when you have them with you and the skies open. The nylon fabric on this Weise suit looks and feels sturdy with the seams reliably strong, which means the Siberian has been completely waterproof so far. The only minor drawback is the lack of stretch, which can make you feel somewhat rigidly positioned while riding. 

"For me, an ideal waterproof option is a quick and compact solution to sudden changes in weather. However, this particular item is quite bulky, occupying a significant amount of space in a backpack, sometimes compelling you to wear it in order to save room. 

"If your priorities are decent weather protection at an affordable price, and you’re not too worried about it being a fairly chunky item to stow away, then this could be the one for you."

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