Charlotte King

Product Writer

Charlotte is relatively new to the MCN team, having joined in February 2024. Born into a family of bikers, it was inevitable that Charlotte would end up on two wheels, passing her test in July 2021. Her fascination with motorbikes formed at a very young age, but becoming a biker was delayed due to her love of horses. Having owned one for several years she found that this literally ate all of her money.

Trading one horsepower for quite a few more, Charlotte eventually gave into the urge to get on two wheels and bought a Suzuki SV650s. This was then joined in her garage by a Honda CBR600RR before an unfortunate accident due to faulty traffic lights brought it to an untimely end. The bike was written off and some bones were broken but as soon as she had the all clear from the doctor, she was back out on the roads on the SV once again. Charlotte has since purchased an Aprilia RS660 to take pride of place next to the Suzuki.

When she isn’t out on the bike, Charlotte enjoys a sense of adventure while exploring the UK in her VW campervan, hiking and exploring the scenery. She hopes to combine her two passions in time with touring trips and off-road experiences and maybe even a few track days.

Charlotte King

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