Best women's motorcycle helmets with a feminine twist

‘Women’s motorcycle helmets’ seems to be a popular phrase searched by people on the big, old, wide interweb. However, truth is, it’s all about safety first and picking the right lid that’s going to protect your most valuable asset… thinking about design comes second.

A lot of what’s labelled as a woman’s motorcycle helmet comes in paint schemes of pink, purple, rose gold, white with intricate designs and some of these may not just appeal to women, but to all folk. Some may also opt for less feminine designs (me included).

My latest helmet is HJC’s IS-17 Deadpool and couldn’t be further from the abundance of floral out there. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t some really pretty looking helmets out there to explore if that’s what you’re after. So we’ve selected our top 10 of the most feminine lids on the market, with a few wildcards, for you to choose from. Browse here…

Price: 199.99
Kicking things off with a bit of simplicity, a plain white helmet, because you just can’t go wrong with white. Another thing you can’t go wrong with is a Shark helmet. With more than 25 years’ experience in producing motorcycle helmets, the brand has even been tested by the likes of Scott Redding and Carl Fogarty.
  • Weight: 1470g
  • LED system
  • Pinlock maxvision film provided
  • Autoseal system
  • Constructed from injected thermoplastic resin
  • Fully removable liner
  • Fastening: quick release buckle

Since it was founded in 1937, Arai has prided itself on safety, undergoing the most rigorous testing to produce some of the most protective helmets out there. The Japanese company has gone ‘old school’ with a hint of retro here, creating a helmet that can be worn with leathers or coupled with a pair of riding jeans for a more casual riding day.
  • PB e-cLc shell for lightness and strength
  • Brow vents
  • Inner chin bar vent shutter
  • Neck exhaust vent
  • Side exhausts
  • Fixed chin spoiler to improve aerodynamics
  • Comes with Pinlock insert
  • Fully removable and replaceable antimicrobial liner
  • Speaker insert pockets
  • Facial contour system
  • Fastening: Double D-ring
  • Fully ECE 22-05 safety approved

Price: 197.99 (was 219.99)
Here’s a flip-front option from HJC. There I90 Davan boasts a stylish design and reviewers praise it for it’s ‘comfortable fit and smooth flip top action’. It has an aerodynamic CAD shape with an enlarged eye port for +10mm greater visibility.
  • Lightweight polycarbonate composite shell construction
  • Central, one-touch open/close locking system
  • ACS Advanced Channelling Ventilation System with seven air intake vents
  • Crown and cheek pads are removable
  • Fastening: Micro rachet quick release buckle

Price: 454.99 (was £649.99)
Praised for it’s ‘excellent fit’ and ‘stability at high speed’ AGV’s Corsa-R Jack 2017 is a mixed carbon and fibreglass lid, and comes in this pink, blue and white design. It comes with adjustable vents and is known to perform on track.
  • Pinlock ready
  • Visor can be removed without using tools
  • Fully removable and washable inner liners
  • Aerodynamic rear diffuser for added stability
  • Integrated visor tear-off system (for track use)
  • Weight: 1350g
  • ACU Gold approved for use on UK tracks
  • ECE 22.05, AS/NZS, JIS, ECE/DOT certified

MCN Deputy Editor, Emma Franklin, says: ” This sports/road helmet from Shoei has seriously impressed me. I’ve been wearing Shoei race helmets, on road and track, for almost all of my years as a rider and although I’ve tried other makes and models I’ve always gone back to the flagship racy Shoeis. I just love their fit, weight and stability; I thought nothing else would ever turn my head. But from the first time I pushed my noggin into the NXR, which is a sporty road helmet, I knew it was something special. The shell looks physically very small and the helmet itself is possibly the lightest I’ve ever felt. The removable 3D comfort lining, fitted with Shoei’s EQRS emergency release system (which allows medics to safely remove the helmet in case of emergency), feels super-plush and squeezes my cheeks perfectly. The visor aperture is also superwide and combined with the NXR’s low weight makes me feel as though I’m not wearing a helmet at all! The big, flat vents are really easy to use and very effective. Also, after years of wearing noisy race lids, I’m blown away by how quiet the NXR is. It’s easily the best lid I’ve ever worn. It comes complete with a Pinlock anti-mist visor insert, breath guard and chin curtain. “I’m not really a fan of any of the colour schemes on offer and they cost £90 more than the plain designs.”
  • AIM shell
  • Multiple density EPS liner
  • Fastening: Double D-ring 4 inlet vents and 6 outlets for air circulation
  • Integrated spoiler for improved aerodynamics
  • ECE 2205 and ACU Gold approved

Price: 55.85 (was £69.99)
LS2 Rapid Boho boasts comfort and style. This is more of a daily city ride type of helmet, which isn’t approved by the ACU for track use like the NXR and Corsa-R above. It’s HPTT ABS constructed with multi-density-EPS lining.
  • Quick-release reinforced chin strap
  • Dynamic flow-through vented EPS
  • Adjustable chin and top vents
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Weight (approx): 1200g

Price: 71.99 (was £89.99)
Scorpion EXO’s 390 Beat is made from advanced polycarbonate composite making it a quiet, aero-tuned design. Its KwickWick2 lining is hypoallergenic, removable, machine washable and very soft to touch. Considering the price, it’s an affordable good helmet, some reviewers saying it’s ‘on par with HJC’s entry level’ offerings.
  • Chin cover to reduce noise
  • 2 outer shell sizes
  • Adjustable front and rear vents
  • Vacuum effect maximises airflow through helmet

Price: 278.99 (was £309.99)
As far as off road helmets go, this Shark Varial Anger is pretty badass. It’s a fibreglass helmet, with a large chin vent, a central top vent and twin rear exhausts. It also has detachable peak and vents for easy cleaning (extremely handy after those motocross stints).
  • Multiaxial glass fibre construction
  • Fastening: Double D-ring
  • Removable and washable lining
  • Weight: 1290g

Price: 79.79 (was £99.99)
Designed to fit children as well as adults, the HJC CL-Y Vela has been constructed from an advanced polycarbonate composite and a large eye port and maximum range visor to ensure maximum visibility. The Nylex interior is fully removable and washable and also boasts a design ‘suitable for children’. Other features include a QuickSlide visor replacement (the visor offering 95% UV protection).
  • ECE 22.05 approved
  • UV treated and hard coated visor
  • Tool-less rachet mechanism
  • Integrated ventilation system
  • Micrometric retention system
  • Advanced polycarbonate shell

Price: 269.99
Dubbed a ‘sport-touring’ lid, this HJC is made with P.I.M Plus shell: A Carbon, Aramid and fibreglass constructed material that brings increased impact resistance, comfort lower weight and less volume of the shell. It has a double ventilation at the top, integrated sun visor and tear-off ready visor. Also the cheek pads can be removed without having to take off the helmet.
  • User friendly to those wearing glasses
  • Anti-fog treated visor
  • Lining is removable and washable
  • Fastening: Double D-ring
  • Weight: 1400g

To conform to UK law a helmet must either: Reach British Standard BS 6658:1985 and also carry the BSI Kitemark. Meet UNECE Regulation 22.05 Meet a European Economic Area member standard equivalent of BS 6658:1985 and also carry a mark equivalent to the BSI Kitemark. Most lids will have ECE 22-05 printed on them, usually at the back of the lid.

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Maria Martin

By Maria Martin

Former MCN Online Editor