Oxford release their latest and smartest battery optimiser yet with the Oximiser Pro range

Oxford have been producing and developing battery optimisers and chargers for more than 20 years, using all of this experience they have released their latest range, the Oximiser Pro. Oxford claim that it’s easy to fit and use with their plug and play functionality.

For help with looking after you battery

Price: £49.31 (was £59.99)
Currently on sale at Sportsbike Shop
Price: £63.01 (was £79.99)
Currently on sale at Sportsbike Shop

This clever bit of kit works in eight stages to protect and maintain your battery.

  1. Polarity test – Once the Oximiser Pro is connected to your motorcycle battery it carries out a polarity and display a warning light if this is not correct.
  2. Analyse- The initial voltage is analysed to determine what charge to apply safely.
  3. Desulfation – Will automatically repair damaged batteries while charging.
  4. Soft start mode – To reduce stress on the battery a low current is applied to protect the battery
  5. Bulk mode – Once it is determined safe a constant current is applied until 80-90% charge is achieved.
  6. Absorbtion mode – The charge will begin dropping until the desired voltage is reached.
  7. Voltage check – The voltage of the battery is monitored to ensure that it is stable.
  8. Maintain mode – This will show a 100% charged image.
Oxford Oximiser Pro

These stages of battery optimisation are designed to significantly extend the lifespan of your battery, saving you time and money in the long term.

The unit itself is made of high impact, heat resistant and weatherproof ABS casing and features a LCD screen, winter grade cable, mounting points and a removable hook.

Oxford Oximiser Pro fitted to battery

There are four variations available in the range; 900, 1250, 2000 and 5000 ensuring there is an option suitable for any battery.

Price: £74.99 (was £99.99)
Currently on sale at Sportsbike Shop

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