Tried and tested: T.ur G-Two Adventure gloves review

T.ur G-Two Adventure gloves Review
T.ur G-Two Adventure gloves Review

We know that the ultimate summer clothing consists of lots of mesh panels in the non-critical areas to allow as much air as possible to enter while critical areas feature solid material for protection. And these T.ur G-Two Adventure summer gloves achieve this in spades, with styling and functionality that works both on and off-road.

T.Ur is Italian brand Tucano Urbano’s adventure line and there is a definite flavour of that with these gloves. Having said that, they are not so extreme that they would look out of place on the road. In fact, I have used these for a pair of five-hour road rides with a day of on and off-roading in between and found them to be nothing short of superb.

First and foremost, they fit me perfectly. This is some feat, as I have quite odd-shaped hands, with a wide body and short fingers. However, the relationship between hand width and finger width and length, including the thumbs, is perfect for me. If you have piano-players hands, with long, slender fingers, my advice is to try before you buy but once past the slightly narrow wrist opening (it’s narrow to get my hands in but fastens perfectly) they are spot on.


  • Vast amount of cooling airflow
  • Comfortable and great fit
  • Excellent feel for controls


  • Obviously not waterproof in case of rain

They are a short design, so should tuck under the cuffs of most jackets to allow air up the sleeves and while getting them on, past the twin-strap wrist fastener takes a little work, once on, they are extremely comfortable. There is a thin lining that prevents you from feeling the seams on the inside of the glove too much – you still know they are there but they are not intrusive.

The construction uses leather for the crucial areas – palms, outer edge of the fingers and back of the wrist – and there is mesh in non-crucial areas to allow a huge amount of airflow in. This includes a panel on the palm, the back of the hand and fingers as well as between the fingers where they join the main body of the glove. There are also strategic perforations in the leather that forms the base of the glove.

T.ur G-Two Adventure Gloves

Protection comes from a deep section of rubber knuckle armour over a shaped absorbent base and rubber sections on the fingers. There is also a rubber panel on the landing zone on the heel of the palm and padding on the outside of the wrist.


In use, I really like these T.ur G-Two Adventure gloves. They fit very nicely and are super comfortable. On the bike, the feel for the controls is excellent – particularly useful if you are riding off-road – but they aren’t too flimsy for genuine long-distance road use. They are CE-rated 1KP and will prevent your hands from getting too warm while keeping them fully protected. Pair them with an adventure suit and you are good to go on or off-road.

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Rrp: £70.69

Price: £67.16

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