Mist opportunity | Best anti-fog products for your motorcycle helmet visor

anti fog motorcycle helmet
anti fog motorcycle helmet

Riding in wet conditions or exerting yourself at slow speed off-road can lead to your motorbike helmet‘s visor or goggles steaming up – which is where anti-fog products come into play.

Arguably the most effective anti-fog product is the Pinlock insert – which was a game changer when it arrived on the market. Fitting one to the inside of a crash helmet’s visor helps prevent the build-up of condensation in the form of misting or fog, thus keeping the rider’s vision as clear as possible.

The Pinlock works by absorbing moisture as well as insulating the inner surface from the cold outer visor, much like double glazing. However, Pinlock inserts aren’t available for every helmet and what can you do about a drop-down sun visor, many of which suffer from misting problems? What about glasses for spectacles-wearers inside a helmet? What anti-fog products are available for them?

Here is a selection of anti-fog products that are available now.

Price: £7.08

This product makes a reassuring claim on the bottle: 'Fog Gone is a natural product and, as a result, is safe for the eyes and the skin'. It's applied to both sides of glasses though just the inside of a helmet and after a moment, polished dry. It comes in a 120ml bottle which is just right for keeping in your pocket or in your rucksack, along with visor cleaner.


  • Handy-sized bottle
  • Natural ingredients
  • Kind to skin and eyes


  • None we can think of

Magic might be a little strong but versatile is definitely appropriate for this spray from Italian brand Tucano Urbano. In addition to preventing fog build-up on visors, goggles and spectacles, it can also be used to clean the visor as well, making it very handy to keep under the seat of the bike. The flat-profile bottle is also handy and takes up minimal space.


  • Clean as well as anti-fog
  • Flat bottle handy
  • Well-known name


  • Very expensive
Price: £9.99

This handy little aluminium spray bottle contains 50ml of liquid that works at a molecular level, preventing the fluid droplets from forming on the surface. It won't work on anti-reflective coatings, as this prevents the nano-technology from working but it's good for visors, goggles, spectacles and swimming or diving masks.


  • Sturdy bottle
  • Nano technology
  • Suitable for various applications


  • Not for reflective lenses
Price: $21.56
This product from Muc-Off gets pretty good reviews online and I've tried it and it definitely prevents the visor fogging up. It's supplied in a 32ml pump-spray bottle and you just spray it on and wipe it off with a tissue.

It’s good for visors, goggles, ski and snowboard goggles and lasts for up to five days. It also works on the outside of the goggles or visor to prevent water from sticking and helping it to bead off.


  • Well-known brand
  • Proven performance
  • Handy-sized bottle


  • Quite expensive

British company Oxford are something of a one-stop-shop for the production of clothing, parts and potions for motorcyclists and this anti-fog spray is part of their helmet-care range. With a pleasant mint odour, it provides a fog-free finish with no streaks or stickiness for the interior of visors, goggles or glasses and comes in a handy 50ml pump-spray bottle.


  • Handy-sized bottle
  • Fresh mint odour
  • Good value


  • None we can think of
Price: $9.95

A variation on a theme, these clothes can be used for both cleaning glasses, goggles or visors but at the same time, impart an anti-fog treatment to the item in question. The treatment can last for up to 48 hours and one wipe can be used up to 700 when sorted correctly in the included pouch. They can be used on visors but also on glasses, screen and binoculars.


  • Always ready to use
  • Cleans and protects
  • Great reviews online


  • Can’t really think of any

Rrp: $9.95

Price: $8.95
We've used these wipes from Fogtech before and found them to work very well. They come in sealed packets and are designed to be used once.

You wipe the product on the surface to be kept fog-free and then, allow to dry. They get great reviews online and the handy packets are easy to keep one or two in your pocket or on the bike somewhere.


  • Easy to apply
  • Easy to store
  • Proven product


  • Lots of disposable material

How to stop your visor from fogging on a motorcycle

You can generally help reduce or remove misting by opening a vent – usually the chin – or, in the worst-case scenario, the visor itself slightly. However, misting tends to be more common in damp or cold ambient conditions and hence when you probably least want to open the visor.

There are lots of old tips and tricks out there for keeping your visor clear from installing a membrane of masking tape across your nose to polishing the inside of you visor with washing up liquid. But anti-fog products are the designed to work and are crucially tested on motorcycle visors so you know you wan’t do any harm.

How anti-fog products work?

They generally seem to work by reducing the surface tension of the moisture so that instead of forming numerous tiny droplets, a single layer is formed which is transparent and, being close to the eyes, generally you can see ‘through’ it as you do with moisture on the outside.

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