Race-spec lids: Best FIM homologated motorcycle helmets

Best FIM homologated motorcycle helmets
Best FIM homologated motorcycle helmets

Whether you’re looking for an authentic race replica for the road or want to take to the track wearing the best protection available, then an FIM homologated motorcycle helmet is the only way to go. Certified for use at the highest level of motorcycle racing, these helmets are identical those worn by riders in the MotoGP and World Superbike championships.

The FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) is the worldwide governing body of motorcycle sport and as such specifies the rules and regulations for every aspect of international competition. In 2019 the FIM introduced its own helmet testing programme, FRHPhe-01, whereby manufacturer’s lids are put through a series of stringent tests to ensure that they meet the extreme safety demands conducive with high speed competitive use. All helmets used in FIM road racing must comply with this standard.

In order to be considered for the testing programme, a helmet must already be certified to the current ECE, Snell and JT standards, have a one piece shell with fixed chin bar and feature a double-D strap retention system. A sample group of 10 helmets is then subjected to a barrage of a tests under three main headings – linear impact, oblique impact and penetration.

Linear is designed to measure impact absorption, whilst oblique is concerned with rotational forces and penetration to ensure rigidity of the shell. If a helmet exceeds the specified values for all criteria it can then carry the official FIM hologram label, which must be sewn to the chin strap. Each size and variation of a given helmet has to go through the testing programme individually in order to achieve its specific FIM approval.

In November 2022 the FIM launched the next phase of the testing programme, FRHPhe-02, designed for off-road helmets. This will become mandatory for all relevant FIM competition from 2026.

An overview of FIM homologated motorcycle helmets.

Price: £749.49 (was £769.99)
The RX-7V Race follows Arai's traditional design philosophy of a rounded-shape, multi composite shell, with added FIM approved aero to direct airflow smoothly around the head. An array of intakes - three on the crown, two for brows and one on the chin - provides copious ventilation, whilst the antibacterial interior is fully removable and washable. Ear cups, cheeks and temple feature 5mm 'peel away' pads for a perfect fit.

Tested by Michael Neeves for nine months, 2000 miles. Arai have been experimenting with aeros ever since scoops appeared on top of Schwantz and Doohan’s Gigas in They were only available to Arai racers to begin with until the RX-7 was released in 1996, in all its scoop-laden glory. Now the latest RX-7V has sprouted another plastic sculpture, this time designed to smooth airflow along the helmet and over the hump on the back of a rider’s leathers when they’re in a race tuck. It’s been used by Arai’s superstars for the past few years and now it’s available on the RX-7V Race FIM you can buy in the shops.

The helmet itself is the same as an RX-7V, so it fits beautifully, smells even better and having crashed hard in one on track last year I can vouch for its protection. The new scoop comes separately in the box and sticks on with strong double-sided tape provided. It weighs almost nothing, so you don’t notice anything different when it’s on, but while it’s designed to help you slip through the air, chin on the tank, it significantly reduces wind noise for normal riding.
Quality: 5/5
Value: 4/5
Price: £639.91 (was £799.99)
Construction of the R-PHA 1 is PIM Plus, which includes carbon fibre and a carbon glass hybrid fabric. The inner EPS layer is spectacle friendly and the 'Silver Cool' interior has both quick drying and moisture wicking properties, with removable cheek and crown pads plus speaker pockets.. Five intake and four exhaust vents ensure airflow through the helmet is as effective as that around the aerodynamic shell. The visor attaches with a tool-less system and features a dual lock for enhanced security at high speed.

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Price: £799.98 (was £799.99)
Featuring an aggressive aerodynamic design and lightweight carbon fibre shell, the Pista GP-RR is AGV's flagship model. Premium details include metal intake and exhaust ports, of which there are five and two respectively, and a titanium double-D ring strap fastener. The moisture wicking interior is removable and features a 3 piece adjustable crown pad for comfort. A broad field of vision is achieved by the generous eye port, which is shielded by a 5mm thick quick-release visor, secured by a metal latch with micro-opening adjustment mechanism.
Price: £997.49 (was £1049.99)
The only helmet on our list that not only meets the FIM regulations but also has the convenience of being comms ready, with a provision for Shark's own bluetooth system. The shell of the Race R Pro GP is COVA construction, that's 'Carbon On View and Aramid', with a dual density shock absorbing chin guard that also boasts a serviceable anti-pollution filter in an adjustable vent. An ergonomically designed grip makes the quick release visor easy to operate, which has a class 1 optical rating. Fully refreshable interior with spectacle channels and '3D' morphic comfort cheek pads.
Price: £374.99 (was £499.99)
With an aerodynamic long oval shape, the Thunder Racing offers an extra element in comfort. Built from 9K carbon fibre weave, the shell features large crown and chin vents with a rear spoiler integrated exhaust. The quick release anti-scratch visor provides a wide field of vision and comes with a Pinlock Max vision insert, whilst the hypoallergenic interior is both removable and washable. Metal plates add reinforcement to the chin strap.
The Bell Pro Star is constructed from TeXtreme carbon fibre, giving it a high strength to weight ratio. It features Bell's Flex energy management system, a three-layered inner shell designed to offer specific protection for low, mid or high speed impacts. The liner is antibacterial 'Virus CoolJade' with magnetic cheek pads for easy removal and installation. Cooling is by way of the crown mounted Velocity Flow Ventilation system, with additional airflow on call via a slider on the brow vent.

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