Peewee adventures: Best kids dirtbike helmets

When kids make their start in motorcycling it’s likely to be off-road somewhere, so of all the helmet options a kids dirtbike helmet would be ideal. There are a variety of reasons for this, not least of which is the obvious fact that they cannot ride on the road at all before they are 16 years of age but also, riding off-road means that if they do suffer the inevitable tumble, then it is much less likely to be serious than on roads.

It is also easier as all you need is someone with a field or a patch of private ground and you can saddle-up and watch them start to develop their skills. While we have looked at kids’ helmets in the past for taking a pillion or passenger ride with mum or dad, heading off-road means they need just as much protection as if there were riding on the road. And top of that list is a proper dirtbike or motocross helmet.

While there are lots of motocross-style helmets around, you might as well look for one that is ECE22.05 approved – that’s the standard necessary for use on the road.

You may not actually want to use it on the road (though it’s always good to know you can, if they want to ride behind you) but it means that the helmet meets a minimum safety standard, giving you peace of mind that it is a decent product.

So here is a selection of motocross or kids dirtbike helmets.

At first sight, the price for this Wulfsport helmet seems a good deal but it gets even better when you realise that price includes a pair of goggles and gloves - ready to go! The helmet is ECE22.05 approved so it's well designed and can be used on the road and is fastened with a micrometric buckle on the chinstrap.

The shell is in thermoplastic and the lining is removable for washing. The peak is adjustable to keep dirt and the sun out of the rider’s eyes and this kids dirtbike helmet comes with a storage bag and is available in four sizes and seven colours.
Price: £123.49 (was £129.99)

O'Neal is a brand synonymous with extreme sports and this kids dirtbike helmet will keep kids protected on their bikes. The shell is formed in ABS plastic and the liner is padded and is removable for washing.

There are multiple air vents over the helmet, including a huge chin vent and side vents, with exhaust vents at the rear under aero spoilers and there is a rubber edge around the nosepiece for comfort and safety. The peak is adjustable, and the helmet is fastened with a double D-ring strap.

While lots of helmets around purport to be by experienced MX manufacturer Fox, this one definitely is, and it forms part of the brands rang'e of helmets for kids and youths.

It’s a proper kids dirtbike helmet, with a magnetically fastened peak that is designed to come away from the shell in an accident and it also includes the MIPS slip-plane system, which helps to reduce rotational brain injuries. It has a staggering nine inlet and four exhaust vents for plenty of cooling airflow and meets both ECE 22.05 and DOT certification.

This helmet from HJC comes with some very cool Batman branding and imagery on it though this does add £30 to the price. The shell is formed in polycarbonate composite and the interior is made of in Nylex and can be removed to dry or for washing. The air vents allow air to enter the front and exit to the rear, creating a through-flow to cool the rider.

The helmet is fastened by a double D-ring system, meaning a perfect fit every time and it is also ECE 22.05 approved. Two other colour schemes are available for those who aren’t fans of the Caped Crusader, at £89.99.
Price: £183.99 (was £229.99)

Bell is another serious player in the off-road helmet market and like Fox, is used by racers the world over. This helmet is aimed at youths and features a lightweight, composite shell with an EPS liner that stretches into the chin-bar.

The lining is removable for cleaning and the cheek pads are mounted by a quick-release system for emergency removal. The chin strap is fastened with double D-rings and it too features the MIPS system to reduce rotational-force brain injuries. The Moto-9 kids is also ECE 22.05 certified.
Price: £142.49 (was £189.99)

While this MX helmet from Nolan isn't specifically listed as for kids or youths, it does go down to a quoted XXS in size, which equates to 51-52cm circumference head - somewhere between a small and medium youth size, so it ought to fit some younger riders.

If it does, then it’s good news – its polycarbonate shell comes in two sizes for a perfect fit and the visor aperture is huge, allowing different styles of goggles to be used. It has an effective ventilation system and the interior can be removed for cleaning. It’s an aggressive helmet but one that should suit a range of riders.

What young rider wouldn't want a helmet with 'Thor' written down the side? And one that includes a Mips protection system against rotational brain injuries? This helmet uses an injection-moulded polycarbonate shell with a dual-density EPS liner with ventilation channels built in.

The peak is adjustable to reduce lift and the liner is removable for washing. It has a rubber surround around the nose piece and the chin vent is large and filtered for as much cooling air as possible.

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