Peaky blinders: Best peaked motorcycle helmets chosen by MCN

Best peaked helmets
Best peaked helmets

From adventure biking and trail riding to motocross, enduro and trials, there’s a peaked motorcycle helmet out there to suit every off-road occasion. The peak serves two main functions – to shield your eyes from the sun and provide protection from ‘roost’, the dirt and debris thrown up by a rider in front.

Types of peaked helmets

There are three basic shell styles for peaked helmets – full face with a visor, full face for use with goggles and open face. Each offers specific benefits for its intended use, but regardless of whether it’s on or off-road, all motorcycle helmets on sale in the UK must comply with the minimum requirements of the ECE safety test. That makes them fully road legal too.

Adventure helmets)

Full face peaked helmets with both a visor and peak are generally referred to as ‘adventure’ style helmets. These are the most versatile of the bunch as they are designed for both on and off-road use, making them de rigueur for adventure bike owners and a popular choice for touring.

Advantages over a dedicated road lid are increased ventilation and greater visibility, the result of a much larger front opening. Most can be worn with goggles, as whilst the visor is fine for tarmac surfaces, on the dirt it can quickly become clogged with mud or damaged by grit and won’t do much to stop dust getting in your eyes.

MX and Enduro peaked helmets)

MX and Enduro helmets are also full-face but designed to be worn with goggles – a much better solution than a visor on the dirt as they seal around the edges and have easily replaceable lenses. Protection, weight and ventilation are key due to the demanding physical nature of the sports.

Trials helmets)

Trials helmets are the lightest of the lot, a minimalist open-faced shell focused on giving the best possible peripheral vision and least encumbrance for the user without sacrificing safety.

Lids for classics)

None of the above may be aesthetically suitable if you’re riding a classic or custom, however, but there are some fantastic new and updated retro designs available to suit modern scramblers and period off-road machines.

We take a look at the pick of the pack for each category and highlight the key points along with approximate weight, ECE level and SHARP rating where applicable.


Arai’s high quality, handmade helmets are among the most comfortable on the market and the Tour-X 4 is no exception. A fully removable, washable and replaceable inner ensures a perfect custom fit, and the generous venting system allows for a cool and consistent flow of air. Even the peak has been designed to scoop fresh air into the vents.

The visor can be removed via four plastic screws for use with goggles, and extra side pods are included should you wish to leave the peak off for a unique streetfighter look when on the tarmac.

Read our in depth reviews of the Arai Tour-X 4 here.
  • Weight: 1680g
  • ECE 22-05

RiDE Magazine Best Buy
The Nexx X WED.2 is packed with tech-ready features such as preparation for Nexx’s SENA developed X-COM Bluetooth communication system and mounts for action cameras on the top and at the sides. A three-position top vent and dual side intakes provide airflow through the helmet, and the accessory kit contains special chin ventilation for maximum cooling off-road. In addition to the main clear visor, there’s an easy to operate drop-down tinted internal shield, plus an extension to the adjustable peak which is really handy when the sun is low in the sky.
  • Weight: 1775g
  • ECE 22-05

RiDE Magazine Recommended
Price: £399.98 (was £489.99)
Shoei’s Hornet ADV helmet is at the cutting edge of adventure biking design, with an aerodynamically designed peak intended to reduce drag on faster road rides. The quick-release visor mechanism is simple to use and needs no special tools, making removal and refitting a rapid and fuss-free operation. Safety features include Shoei’s EQRS which allows for the cheek pads to be swiftly and safely removed in an emergency situation, and the entire inner lining can be taken out for washing. It even has sculpted channels to allow for specs or sunnies. The Hornet ADV also comes comms ready.
  • Weight: 1560g
  • ECE 22-05

MX and Enduro

The 6D ATR-2 is all about protection and is claimed by the manufacturer to be one of the best performing off-road helmets on the market. Pivotal to its safety is 6D’s Omni Directional Suspension system, which separates the inner and outer shells during an impact in an effort to lessen energy transfer and thus reduce injury to the brain. Plastic screws ensure the adjustable peak detaches to cut down helmet rotation.
  • Weight: 1480g
  • ECE 22-05

Price: £450.95 (was £529.99)
The aerodynamic design of Shoei’s VFX-WR features a fully incorporated peak to reduce as much drag as possible. The shell is sculpted to ensure that goggle straps remain in the optimum position and inlets on the top, brow and chin direct air around the removable inner liner to exit via multiple exhaust ports at the back.
  • Weight: 1295g
  • ECE 22-05

Price: £344.49 (was £529.99)
Featuring an advanced carbon fibre construction, multiple density EPS lining and a MIPS layer to reduce rotational impact motion, the Supertech M10 ticks all the safety boxes. No less than 19 intakes and five exhausts direct airflow through the removable and washable anti-bacterial liner, plus it’s compatible with Astars’ hydration pack with the provision to mount the drinking tube around the inside of the shell.
  • Weight: 1260g
  • ECE 22-05


Price: £139.49 (was £154.99)
This latest lid from Spanish off-road kit specialist Hebo is as advanced as trials helmets get. Constructed from high modulus fibreglass with a triple layer EPS liner, it features a fully removable hypoallergenic Coolmax® inner for comfort and generous vents with removable covers for ventilation. It even has clips to hold eye protection in place.
  • Weight: 950g
  • ECE 22-05

Price: £129.99 (was £179.99)
Weighing in at just 850 grammes, Airoh’s high-performance composite TRR S is one of the lightest helmets available, not just for trials, but in any category. The Carbon and Kevlar constructed shell was developed in the wind tunnel to maximise ventilation and combines with a fully serviceable inner liner to provide class-leading levels of comfort.
  • Weight: 850g
  • ECE 22-05

As its name suggests, the Jitsie HT2 boasts a 100% carbon fibre shell, giving it an excellent strength to weight ratio. Airflow is optimised through the EPS layer via an array of vents unique to Jitsie’s design, and the moisture-wicking Coolmax® liner can be completely removed and washed for a full refresh.
  • Weight: 910g
  • ECE 22-05


One of the coolest retro lids available, the Moto 3 is a fully updated version of a 1970s icon using up to date production techniques. The fibreglass composite shell faithfully reproduces the original’s classic shape and comes with a removable peak that attaches across the brow with press studs. The chinbar has an EPS lining for a quality feel and added protection.
  • Weight: 1250g
  • ECE 22-05

Featuring a drop-down integrated visor, the Shoei Ex-Zero adds an extra layer of practicality to a rad ‘80s design, potentially giving it retro-adventure status. With the visor fully retracted into the shell, there’s enough space to wear goggles and the optional peak is effective when fitted. Cheek pads are available in a range of thicknesses to achieve a custom fit. Read our full review here.
  • Weight: 1115g
  • ECE 22-05
  • SHARP rating 4/5

Nexx’s X.G200 is a relatively new addition to the retro market but captures the classic look perfectly. The peak has two-position adjustability and the luxurious inner liner can be fully removed and washed. Extra carbon reinforcement on the chin bar boosts the protection offered by the lightweight X-Matrix composite shell.
  • Weight: 1250g
  • ECE 22-05

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