Helmet review: Klim Krios Pro tried and tested

The top of line Klim Krios Pro adventure helmet takes a revolutionary approach to protection, employing several cutting edge features to set it apart from the competition. Top of the list is the use of Koroyd® for the energy-absorbing inner layer, rather than traditional expanded polystyrene (EPS). Koroyd® has many advantages over EPS, not least of which is longevity and breathability.

Whilst the hand-laid carbon fibre shell itself may not be anything new, the magnetic Fid-Lock® strap closure is. And there aren’t many manufacturers who provide a photochromatic visor as standard. Adjustable vents and a moisture-wicking liner assist with comfort, whilst the whole helmet has been aerodynamically refined for a quieter ride. MCN’s adventure bike expert and off-road specialist Michael Guy has been putting it to the test.

Tested by Michael Guy for six weeks, 800 miles

Quality: 5/5, Value: 5/5

Although I haven’t had this helmet long, I’ve covered plenty of miles over many hours with the riding being a real combination of on and off-road. The majority of riding I now do is on adventure bikes and while I don’t wear a peaked helmet for road use, the trips I’ve done recently have been a mix of tarmac and dirt, meaning Klim’s flagship helmet has been well tested.


  • Very light
  • Plush lining
  • Magnetic strap


  • Tinting visor doesn't lighten quickly enough in tunnels


Over the years I’ve tried a few products from Klim, including the Badlands Adventure suit, which, after ten years of use, is still going strong. The high quality and the associated price tag are a given, and the Krios Pro helmet continues in the same vein. The overwhelming feature of the helmet is its light weight. With a carbon fibre and resin shell, its lack of mass takes me by surprise every time I pick it up. It also feels well balanced, and despite some long days on the bike I’ve suffered very little fatigue.

Klim Krios Pro Carbon


Another feature I like is just how plush the lining is. I’m not sure if I’m going soft in my old age, but it’s incredibly comfortable. My only concern long-term is that I don’t know how the lining will feel two years down the line after some hard and muddy days off-road.


The magnetic strap is something that’s completely new to me. It takes a little getting used to, but once you do it seems a complete no brainer to have one. It can be connected or detached in under a second, feels completely secure and can also be undone easily with gloved hands after a bit of practice.

Klim Krios Pro Visor


The Krios Pro comes with two visors in the box – a clear one and a transitioning one designed to lighten or darken depending on the weather conditions. It’s the first time I’ve used a transitioning visor and the jury is out. I love the fact that it darkens in direct sunlight to a perfect level of tint – like looking through a pair of high-quality sunglasses.

On the flipside, it doesn’t seem to react quickly enough to the conditions, with tunnels being a prime example of it not clearing fast enough as you enter from bright sunlight. Overall, for summer use it works well as even though it’s slow it does ultimately adjust to the conditions. Both visors are fitted with a Pinlock anti-fog insert.

Klim Krios Pro Side


Overall this is a well thought through, quality piece of kit which meets the ECE 22.05 standard. It has a host of nice features and ultimately looks great while being light and very comfortable. It’s sits on par with top-spec offerings from Arai and Shoei.

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