Visor spray review: Nikwax Visor Proof tried and tested

Nikwax Visor Proof works by forcing the water on your helmet to band together so that the droplets get big and heavy enough to run off.

Now most helmet visors will do this though you may need to turn your head to the side so the windblast pushes the water off or dip your head – what you need to do depends on your bike and to a lesser extent, the helmet.

However, while most helmets will cope with heavy rain fairly well, it can be lighter rain or even just spray from a recent shower that can cause problems. The smaller droplets of water may not be heavy enough to blow away effectively and can even dry on the visor before they do, leaving a filthy layer of dirt that can have a big impact on your vision.

However, you can help alleviate this and improve rain run-off enormously with a rain repellent, like Nikwax’ Visor Proof. The company is something of a specialist when it comes to getting rid of water – its products help to impart or rejuvenate waterproofing in a wide range of kit, including laminated textiles and waterproofs.

The idea with this spray is that is creates a hydrophobic layer on the outside of the visor, which helps to repel water by filling in the minute peaks and troughs in the material and reducing the surface tension of the water, so it has a much lower grip on the treated surface.

This means it will run off much more effectively, particularly in the presence of windblast and smaller droplets, from road-spray, for example, will follow the same route or even combine to form larger droplets that blow off.

Nikwax visor proof

Application is easy – simply spray on to the visor and wipe off with a microfibre cloth – that’s it. I tend to do a double application, as I find it is slightly more effective. Then, off you go.

Before you even put the helmet on, you can feel the difference by running your finger down the visor – it feels smoother and slippier. Once on the road, you can see the difference, with water beading nicely and running off far more effectively than on a plain visor with no treatment. As a result, your ride is safer and far more enjoyable – if you like that sort of thing.

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Another major benefit of the Nikwax product over some others on the market is that it is water-based, flouro-carbon-free, comes in a pump bottle so there are no propellants and it’s not tested on animals. So you can use it with a clean conscience.

Nikwax visor proof

However, therein lies its only drawback. Because it’s water-based and by virtue of what it is designed to do, it tends to be shorter-lived than some other similar products on the market, since the water it helps to repel will eventually remove it too.

So on longer trips, you may find yourself having to stop, dry the visor and re-apply to continue with your journey. However, I find it a small price to pay for the benefits in use.

The verdict

This stuff is great – it’s cheap, it’s easy to apply and it works really, really well. It’s about the softest on the environment, with no nasty, chemicals, no pungent smell and it’s water-based although that does tend to limit its life. If you like (or indeed, need to) ride in the rain, then this will make it safer and more enjoyable.

Nikwax visor proof


Extremely effective

Great value

Environmentally friendly


Water base means limited life per application

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