Winter warmers: Best heated motorcycle jackets and vests

Riding in winter and unpredictable spring can be tedious – and incredibly dangerous – if riders are not adequately prepared for it. However, heated vests and motorcycle jackets are the perfect solution for those sub-temperature spells in the saddle and will keep you warm and toasty as you cruise along. As valiant adventurer, Sir Ranulph Finnes famously quoted “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.”

So, here is a list of our top picks for heated motorcycle jackets that will ensure that you don’t need to be put off by a little bit of winter.

The best heated motorcycle jackets and vests

Price: £129.99 (was £173.32)

The Macna jacket is a slightly more affordable garment than those above, which we like. We also like the fact you get plenty for your money. Like the Gerbing MicroWirePRO, this is meant as a liner, worn underneath a protective top layer. There are heating elements all over the jacket, which is both effective and comforting like a nice hug. There are three heat settings and these can be controlled via the Macna smartphone app.

A fair step up in price but this is heated clothing designed and developed primarily for motorcyclists. Keis equipment (it has gloves, insoles and heated jackets as well) uses the same form of heating as you get from the sun on cold, clear days and is supplied with a hard-wiring kit to connect to the bike's battery though you can also get an optional battery pack. The vest comes with no heat control but a separate controller (£36) offers three levels of warmth and the vest can be linked to gloves and trousers for integrated heating. I've used this and it is impressive. Seal of Approval - We've tested this product and have found it performs well.

Price: £123.99 (was £154.99)

If you want a vest to keep your torso warm, look no further. The Gerbing vest has three heated panels - chest, back , and collar - and features synthetic Thinsulate insulation too. It's therefore rather compressible and doesn't feel bulky to wear. Run it from a battery or plug in directly into the bike with the supplied connector cable. This vest also has some water water repellency thanks to its nylon shell. The high collar is somewhat of a dilemma: it's nice and high up the neck, but it's fat and can also get in the way of doing your outer jacket all the way up.

This heated vest is a best-seller on Amazon and comes with five heated areas including the central upper back, two in the lower back and two on the front, low down, to keep the torso warm. You can plug it into a USB power-bank or even a USB socket on the bike (the material doesn't specify a current draw) and it has adjustable shoulder straps and side zips to help tialor the fit. Heating temperature quoted is from 43°C to 65°C in three steps and it is machine washable. Editor's Pick - We've tested this product and would spend our own money on it.

This thermal heated jacket liner is superb as an under-jacket, allowing you to tether heated trousers and gloves effortlessly - ensuring you have full body warmth whilst out riding on a cold winter's day. The jacket is tailored to fit snugly underneath your outer motorcycle gear, constructed from a soft polyester shell - making it an ideal, comfortable baselayer. While it comes with a bike connector cable, it does not come with a temperature controller - you'll need to purchase one of these separately.

This vest from Rrtizan is another Amazon category best-seller - it's thick and quilted so should be warm before the electric heating is even turned on. Also featuring three levels of heat via the main on/off switch (40°C, 50°C and 60°C), its heat is produced by five panels across the lower torso and the upper back. It too is powered by any USB source, including power-banks and potentially a bike's socket and is waterproof, according to the manufacturer, with elasticated side panels for fit.

The pros and cons of heated clothing

Some bikers love heated motorcycle jackets, others loathe them. Objectively, there are cases for and against heated garments that we will point out below.


Heated clothing saves you having to layer quite so heavily. On a quick weekend ride or perhaps the commute, not unravelling several layers upon leaving and arriving is great.

Heated clothing from specialist brands have excellent temperature controllers that allow you to adapt as the weather changes. This is of particular value on long rides.

Quality heated clothing really works in keeping you warm.

Because it works, heated clothing can make year-round riding much easier.

Heated gloves are very useful in alleviating Raynaud’s syndrome.


Heated clothing is, by and large, thicker than its non-heated equivalents.

Running on batteries gets quite expensive (you can avoid this by only plugging your heated gear directly into the bike if you wish).

Can heated clothing be machine washed? Keis and Gerbing state to hand wash their garments.

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