Tried and tested: Rev'It Restless review

Rev’It Restless Jacket
Rev’It Restless Jacket

The Rev’It Restless is a AA-rated retro-inspired, leather motorcycle jacket that the brand says is inspired by the West Coast moto culture of the 1940s in America.

Tested by Ben Clarke for 3 months/1500 miles


  • Great looks
  • AA rating
  • Thermal liner


  • Quite hot in summer
  • Comfort
  • Practicality
  • Looks
  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Value
  • Overall
Construction Leather
Type Sporty retro
CE rating (garment) AA
Armour CE Level 1 shoulders, elbows, back (level 2 back protector available for £39.99)
  • Wind stop flaps main zip and cuffs
  • Short connector zip
  • Snap fasteners at cuffs and collar
  • Removable thermal liner

Retro jacket touches include reinforced shoulder and upper arm stitching, the snap-fastened collar and zip-up chest pocket. The snap fastener sleeves are also reminiscent of the bike kit of yesteryear.

It’s got a sporty-ish cut for a retro jacket but it’s still comfy and long enough to wear with jeans without half your back showing. You also get a removable thermal liner for chillier rides and waist adjusters to keep out the drafts.

The Restless is a perfect fit for a modern retro or a genuine classic but it doesn’t look out of place on any bike. It’s perfect for a sunny ride to the pub, paired with riding jeans and a pair of urban boots.

Rev’It Restless Jacket Front View

Is the Rev’It Restless comfortable?

The Rev’It Restless is built from plush, soft leather and is instantly comfortable and supple without needing to be broken in. The collar and cuffs are particularly soft, which is great as they come into contact with your skin.

The thermal liner means you can wear the Restless in colder temperatures but, even with it removed, the jacket starts to feel a little warm when temperatures creep about 30°C, probably due to the lack of perforation and the wind-blocking flaps of leather on the cuffs and main zip.

Is the Rev’It Restless practical?

A retro leather jacket is never going to be the most utilitarian option but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to help the practicality. There’s a short connector zip so you can use a belt loop to link it with your jeans.

Rev’It Restless Jacket Collar

There are two internal pockets and three external so there’s plenty of room for your bits and pieces, too. All the zips are chunky and easy to use and the cuff zips make it easy to pair with any gloves.

The thermal liner also extends the temperature range you can wear the jacket in although there’s no waterproofing at all so you can’t really wear it if there’s rain on the cards.

Does the Rev’It Restless look good?

This colour is called blue but due to the way it is distressed, it’s actually got a turquoise/green quality that is really quirky and distinctive. I think it looks great and despite the retro styling, I wear it on any bike.

Rev’It Restless Jacket

The distressed finish means that any scratches or wear will add to the look and it will continue to evolve over the years if looked after.

Is the Rev’It Restless good quality?

The Rev’It Restless feels sturdy and well-made and all the zips and fasteners are really solid and firm. After the first 1500 miles you can’t really tell it’s been worn (apart from the bug splats).

I was surprised how light the jacket was for a retro leather garment but it doesn’t mean it feels any less safe and secure.

Rev’It Restless Jacket Sleeve Zip

Does the Rev’It Restless offer good protection?

The Restless carries a AA CE rating overall with CE level 1 armour at the shoulders, elbows and back (I upgraded to the Seesoft level 2 back protector, which costs an extra £39.99).

AA ratings are pretty standard for retro style leather jackets although UK firm Goldtop manage AAA ratings for many of their garments.

Value /5

At £419.99, the Rev’It Restless isn’t the cheapest jacket on the market but it is a well-made and stylish piece of kit. It’s slightly cheaper than the similarly styled Goldtop ’76 Café Racer but that carries a higher AAA CE rating.

The Richa Daytona 2 is £80 cheaper, and that carries the same AA safety rating as the Rev’It and a similar spec level and styling.

And it may be slightly more basic in the styling department, but the Oxford Walton costs a whole £180 less than the Rev’It.

Verdict /5

The Rev’It Restless is a great-looking retro-inspired jacket with a high enough safety rating to wear for longer rides but enough style for the pub.

Rev’It Restless Jacket Shoulder Detail

The thermal lining means you can extend its use to dry autumn or spring days and it’s comfortable in hot weather up to around 30°C.

If push came to shove, I’d probably go for a cheaper option with my own money, or spend slightly more to get a AAA rating.

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