Textile suit review: RST Pro Series Adventure X-CE ladies tried and tested

RST Pro Series Adventure X suit review
RST Pro Series Adventure X suit review

Since I have the Aprilia Tuareg as my long-term test bike this year (2022), it was the perfect opportunity to try out some off-road kit, and the RST Pro Series Adventure X suit has been my go-to every time I’ve spent a few hours off the tarmac.

Both the jacket and the trousers are double-layered and made from MaxTex fabric, which is lightweight and comfortable as well as offering a good level of abrasion resistance. On top of that, a ballistic textile is added with triple stitching on impact areas.

The jacket boasts some pretty good protection, too, as it’s CE rated AA for impact and abrasion performance as well as having a full roster of Level 2 soft armour, including a back protector. The trousers are rated at CE Level A for abrasion, but also feature Level 2 knee armour.

When it comes to fit, I found the trousers a little short for me, although it didn’t make much of a difference as I was wearing them with chunky off-road boots. On the waist there are stretch motion panels as well as adjustment points to keep you comfortable.

I found the jacket to be quite short in the arms, but in the body it wasn’t bad and using the connecting zip was comfortable. There are stretch motion panels on the jacket and adjustment points on the waist and arms.

The first time I wore the suit, it took half-an-hour to find all the vents! They work well, though and are ideal when you have a chunk of sweaty off-road work ahead. The ventilation is very effective with vents in the chest, arms, back and all over the legs.

Rst pro series adventure-x

Plus, both the trousers and the jacket have a removable waterproof lining if you need less bulk for summer rides. The only issue I had with this was when I was caught in the rain on the trails in Wales. The weather there is ever changing, and because the day had started hot, I had removed the lining.

Unfortunately, that meant for the rest of the day I was subject to the changing weather and did get wet as the lining has the waterproof membrane. When the lining was in, it seemed to keep the water out, so it’s something to consider if you’re heading out for long rides.

I opted for the black suit, but there is also a white, blue and red combination which would look great if you are riding something like the Africa Twin.

Rst pro series adventure-x

This is the women’s version which has been designed specifically for a female fit, but there’s also a distinct men’s version, too. Plus, when it was being developed there was input from Dakar legend Mick Extance – who certainly knows his stuff when it comes to off-road gear.

Can be adapted for hot or cool conditions
Jacket CE-rated AA for abrasion (pants A)
Level 2 CE armour

Removing liner means not waterproof
Can get heavy on longer rides

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