Jacket review: Spada Peacedog tried and tested

ht for the height of summer
ht for the height of summer

After a helmet, a leather motorcycle jacket is perhaps the most well-known – and desirable – item of motorcycle clothing that people want – and recognise. And while there are lots of retro-styled classic jackets around, there is only one Spada Peacedog.

The Peacedog is no longer current in Spada’s range but it is still available if you do some hunting and it’s definitely worth the effort. It’s a retro design but it stands out from the mainstream retro-style jackets, with a bit more of an old-school rocker look and feel to it.

It’s a hefty piece of clothing; formed from sheep hide that has been tumbled for a distressed finish, it’s thick but not cumbersome – it is surprisingly supple and soft in use. It is heavy though and that leather outer is backed up with a breathable and waterproof liner that according to the manufacturer, makes it suitable for year-round use.



  • Soft and supple leather
  • Four-piece Level-2 armour
  • Waterproof and breathable


  • Too heavyweight for summer

It would feel like a bit of a waste – and a shame – to subject a leather such as this to the rigours of winter but its heavyweight construction means that it is remarkably warm and reassuring for spring and autumn riding. However, the heavyweight nature, thick lining and lack of any perforations (they would affect the waterproofing abilities) mean it is a bit too heavyweight for the height of summer.

It has a cool zip-in hood section that actually only runs down the front of the jacket and comprises the hood – you can leave it in place for a bit of an urban cruiser look and feel or remove it for a more traditional leather aesthetic without affecting how the jacket feels overall.

The Peacedog was designed and manufactured before the latest CE regulations were introduced so it has no CE rating as we have become used to. However, it feels incredibly protective with its thick material and impressive build quality.

Spada Peacedog leather jacket being worn

It comes with Spada’s four-piece Tektoform armour in the shoulders and elbows and this is rated CE Level-2. A back protector is also available though it isn’t supplied.

It comes with a handy selection of pockets, with two on the chest, two hand-warmer pockets on the front and two inside.

The main zip is a chunky brass item and there is another at each cuff. The main zip does up to the full-height collar but if you want more airflow – and a lower fit around the neck – then you can just zip it up to where a lower collar would be and it will stay there as you ride.

I find it much more comfortable to leave the collar down and open a little – it is too high for me when done up all the way.

Spada Peacedog leather jacket profiles


The Peacedog was my first leather jacket and it will always feel special to me. Whenever I get it out, the smell of leather hits me and there is something about the weight – around 2kg – that instantly makes me feel protected and reassured.

Because it’s also a slightly different style from the current crop of ‘retro’ jackets, it gives a different vibe which is refreshing. Even though it is no longer a current jacket in Spada’s line-up, there are plenty out there and with prices now significantly less than the original £280, it’s a proper bargain too.

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