Spidi Alpentrophy Textile Suit review | A laminated suit for all occasions

4 out of 5

Spidi Alpentrophy textile suit

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Published: 31 August 2023 Updated: 17 June 2024

The Spidi Alpentrophy is my second suit from the brand and is even more impressive than the predecessor, which I also had. It’s a very highly-specified combination that has seen me through several winters and has kept me warm and dry in the nastiest of conditions that had me wondering whether I should be on a bike at all yet works well when the conditions start to improve too.

It’s not a cheap suit but then again, there are plenty that cost more yet don’t work as well as this one and it is laminated, so it should shed water before it absorbs it, keeping the weight down.

The outer is formed in Cordura for abrasion resistance and this is backed with Spidi’s H2Out waterproof and breathable membrane for a double layer of protection. The result is a jacket that is fairly heavy and initially stiff though it loosens up as you wear it. However, with the full brace of armour, a back protector and the removable thermal liner in place, there is no getting away from the fact that it is pretty bulky.

However, the benefit of that bulk is warmth and protection. The thermal liner can be removed and used as a standalone jacket in its own right but inside the Alpentrophy, it creates a garment that I have used down to just above freezing with only a set of winter base layers on. Compared with some that require an additional mid-layer as well, I find that at that sort of temperature, it isn’t actually that bad at all.

The liner does up with its own zip and the outer’s main zip is protected with a double storm flap with full-length Velcro fastening to prevent any water ingress or draughts from entering. The liner’s collar is a little tall for me – I find that when it’s done up under the outers, it’s a little constricting around the neck. So, I tend to fold the liner’s collar down and this is much more comfortable.

The Velcro-fastened neck popper allows plenty of adjustment and the liner’s sleeves stop short of the outer’s slightly to prevent them bulking up too much to go inside gloves if that’s your taste. They also leave plenty of room to fit gloves under the cuffs too.

Spidi alpentrophy

There’s a pair of Velcro straps on the arms to pull them in as and when you remove the liner and there’s also a drawstring inside the jacket at the waist, that helps to tailor the fit and get a snug waist if you don’t like loose, flapping material.

The joining zip to the matching trousers is somewhere between short and long but is useful and there are four vents in the front and two in the rear to get some airflow going if you get a little warm. The two inside the upper arms are good though the two on the outside of the chest could be a bit more effective.

The trousers work as well as the jacket and don’t ‘wet out’ in heavy rain. This is when it feels as if the crotch is leaking, when water pools on the seat but it isn’t actually wet. They too have vents at the thighs and the liner comes up short so that it doesn’t interfere with your boots.

Spidi alpentrophy

The crotch is in exactly the right position for me and it doesn’t get tight on the bike, though the whole suit is best suited to an upright tourer or sports tourer. This is because it rucks up a little too much at the neck for anything with a forward riding position.

When it comes to protection, it’s right up there: both the jacket and trousers get an overall CE rating of AA, one down from the highest possible and about the best you can hope for with textile clothing.

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The jacket comes with Level-2 armour at the shoulders and elbows, the latter extending down the forearms and there is an option for either a Level-1 or Level-2 back protector as well as chest armour. The trousers come with Level-1 armour at the hips and Level-2 in the knees, stretching down the shin, much like the elbow armour does on the forearm.

Spidi alpentrophy


This is an excellent suit that has kept me warm and dry for thousands of miles through several winters. It’s a little heavyweight for summer but if it’s cold and wet, it’s my go-to suit. I’ve ridden in everything from nakeds to sports tourers in it and it just works.

It’s not cheap, but neither is it expensive for an AA-rated laminate suit with Level-2 armour in key areas. Add the flexibility of the standalone liner and you have the only suit you need from autumn through to spring.


Laminated suit to minimise water absorption

Excellent protection and armour

Completely dry and very warm


Can feel a bit bulky at times

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