Bull-it Coyote Jeans | Ladies' riding jeans that are actually true to size

Bull-it Coyote Ladies Motorcycle jeans 4 stars
Bull-it Coyote Ladies Motorcycle jeans 4 stars

The Coyote Jeans are a part of the Bull-it 2024 range release and what a revelation, a pair of riding jeans that are true to size, they say size 12 on the label and they fit perfectly, which is almost unheard of for ladies’ jeans.

The option for various leg lengths is great and the long option fits my 33” inside leg. Sizing is usually way off the mark, so it’s great to know that they are right on the money. Made from black denim and with a combat style, they benefit from having large patch pockets on the thigh, large enough to stow a smartphone or keys, plus with a popper to secure, there’s no fear of losing items.

Tested by Alison Silcox for two months and 1,500 miles


  • True-to-size fitting with accurate sizing for ladies' (size 12 label fits perfectly)
  • Available in various leg lengths
  • Zips at the ankles for easy fitting over boots
  • High waist ensures no gap between jeans and jacket
  • Concertina-style knee panels add comfort on any bike
  • Look stylish on and off the bike, with a flattering high waistband


  • Hip armour sometimes folds up and doesn't sit comfortably
  • Heavy gauge denim can be too hot for summer rides
  • Knee armor is soft and only CE Level 1 rated
  • Comfort
  • Practicality
  • Looks
  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Value
  • Verdict
Construction Covec denim
Type Combat style jean
CE Rating AA
Armour Level 1 hip and knee
  • Large patch thigh and bum pockets
  • Zips at ankles
  • YKK zip
  • Mid rise

Zips at the ankles mean that boots sit underneath, and the concertina style panels on the knees make them extra comfortable when seated on any style of bike. They have a CE Rating of AA and level-1 hip, and knee armour is of the soft variety, a small criticism, the hip armour sometimes folds up and doesn’t sit comfortably, without an element of adjustment, not a biggy but can be annoying. At £179.99 they are well priced and compare to other jeans on the market.

How comfortable are the Bull-it Coyote jeans?

In recent years I’ve shied away from riding jeans, opting for jeggings, as I’ve found that these are far easier to size, and more comfortable. These jeans have proven me to be a liar and go against recent fashion choices.

They are true to size, I’m a solid size 12, with a long inside leg, being able to order this and they fit was a great confidence boost. With a high waist, the jacket I’ve opted to wear with them sits over my hips and ensures there’s not unsightly (or more importantly dangerous) gap. One slight criticism, the denim is a heavy gauge, which will make them hot for summer rides, but they are perfect for the spring season.

Bull-it Coyote ladies motorcycle jeans waistband

Are the Coyote jeans practical?

Large patch pockets have flap and popper closures. The thigh pockets are great for stowing keys, and they are just large enough to fit my smartphone. Pockets are the bum are a decent size, but I never trust valuables to any bum pockets, just in case they open, and items fall out while riding.

I like the zippers at the ankles, they have insets of material which mean if boots are slightly bulkier, they can be accommodated. With zips closed they are a nice straight leg jean, which doesn’t flap in the breeze when riding.

Bull-it Coyote Ladies jeans ankle zipper

Do the Bull-it Coyote jeans look good?

They look great, both on and off the bike, I like the combat style with the large patch pockets. One benefit is they have a higher waist band, so they are flattering too, while I’m not that bother how I look on a bike, it’s more about comfort and protection, it is nice that these jeans aren’t too bikey, if that makes sense. Paired with shortie riding boots and a casual jacket, they could pass for ‘normal’ clothing.

Are they good quality?

With a couple button at the waist, solid zips and heavy-duty stitching, they look like a jean that’s going to withstand a few years of riding and the odd wash.

How much protection do the Coyote jeans provide?

With an AA rating and soft CE Level 1 hip and knee armour, these jeans offer peace of mind. I do find the pockets for the hip armour are irritating and they tend to fold up when pulling the jeans up, it’s not a major issue but one I do need to be aware of, before I ride off. Knee armour sits directly on my knee and with the concertina panels, when moving around on the bike, they don’t appear to shift.

Bull-it Coyote ladies jeans leg pocket

Are they good value for money?

At £179.99 these aren’t the cheapest jeans on the market but they do benefit from the AA safety rating and appear to be a good quality.

Other riding gear I’ve worn of late, which compare similarly to these jeans, have included jeggings and leggings.

Roadskins Bronte Jeggings are well priced at £149.99 and AA rated.

Roadskin have designed these Legginings with the premise that style should not need to be compromised for protection. These leggings have an abrasion resistance rating of AA and level 2 rated armour to the knee and hip. The knee area has accordion stretch panels to allow for extra comfort and stretch and the elasticated strap around the foot prevents them from riding up.
Construction Lined Kevlar
CE Rating AA
Armour Level 2 hip and knee
Type Jegging
  • Three leg lengths available
  • Elasticated foot strap to keep them from rrding up
  • Knee armour pockets are adjustable
  • High rise waist
  • Four pockets
  • Acordion panel at the knee for additional comfort

The Oxford Super Leggings are a steal at £99.99 but are only A rated.

No fear of a muffin-top

Tested by Alison Silcox for 3 months/1500 miles

"Getting riding jeans to fit has always been a nightmare because sizing is so out of step with non-riding gear. In ‘normal’ clothes I’m a size 12 with long leg length but over the years I’ve ended up with jeans ranging from 12 to 18, which does a lady’s ego no good! It was like a breath of fresh air trying on these super-stretchy leggings because the sizing is accurate.

"With aramid reinforcements, knee protectors and pockets for hip armour, they are CE approved but only to the lowest level (A) so they’re best used for lower-speed urban riding. However, being made from stretchy material means they fit perfectly. There’s a high waistband, so no awkward gap between jacket and jeans, plus no fear of a muffin top.

"You can also purchase a belt connector so that you can zip them to your riding jacket. Front pockets are large enough to stow keys or a phone when you’re off the bike. The leggings look stylish and can be worn with either short baseball-style riding boots or touring boots. They’ve been through the wash a few times and they haven’t lost shape or colour.

"They don’t claim to be waterproof and I can absolutely confirm this is true. When I got caught in a shower, they absorbed water like a sponge. They come in a full range of sizes and three leg lengths, I opted for long and, for once, they’re slightly too long. Also available in khaki, grey and burgundy."


  • Accurate sizing matches non-riding apparel
  • Made with super-stretchy material for a perfect fit
  • Features aramid reinforcements and knee protectors
  • Optional pockets for hip armour
  • High waistband prevents gaps between jacket and jeans
  • Front pockets are functional for keys or phone
  • Stylish design compatible with various riding boots
  • Maintains shape and colour after washing
  • Available in multiple colours and three leg lengths


  • Only CE approved to the lowest level (A), suitable for lower-speed urban riding
  • Not waterproof; absorbs water heavily in rain
  • Length may be too long, even in the correct size choice
  • Comfort
  • Practicality
  • Looks
  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Value
  • Overall
Construction Denim with aramid liner
Type Denim leggings
CE rating garment A
Armour CE Level 2
  • Designed for women
  • Casual-looking
  • Reinforced belt loops

So what’s the verdict?

If I was in the market for a pair of traditional styled jeans, these would be a pair would be a serious contender. I’m aware that sizing is a very personal thing but for me, these fitted well and have been comfortable from the off. Whether I’d look to wear them on warmer days, probably not, as they are heavyweight but that does offer peace of mind when riding.

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