Richa Original 2 Jeans | Regular high street looks with a good level of protection

Richa Carter jeans tested for MCN by Justin Hayzelden
Richa Carter jeans tested for MCN by Justin Hayzelden

With regular high street looks and a good level of protection, these Richa Original 2 jeans strike a great balance of what a practical riding jean should be.

If I’m going casual, be it to the office, a social gathering or relaxed ride out with mates, I want something comfortable that won’t stand out as motorcycle kit, and these absolutely fit the bill. An evolution of the original Originals, the Richa Original 2 jeans are certified to CE AA standard and feature CE level 1 armour for hip and knee.

Tested by Justin Hayzelden for 1 year / 2,300 miles


  • Comfortable
  • Well cut
  • Look good
  • Lightweight armour


  • Only CE AA certified
  • Comfort
  • Practicality
  • Looks
  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Value
  • Overall
Construction Single layer, 69% cotton, 30% Cordura, 1% Elastane
Type Jeans
CE rating garment AA
Armour CE Level 1 D30 Ghost, hip and knee
  • Single layer
  • Five pockets
  • Slim cut
  • Adjustable knee armour

Are the Richa Original 2 Jeans comfortable?

Construction is a single-layer cotton and Cordura mix, with a dash of Elastane for stretch, and the result is a soft and pliable material with plenty of give. Tailored with a slim cut, the Original 2 fit perfectly in my usual size and feel just as comfortable as a pair of Levi’s for general strutting about in.

On the bike there’s no restriction in movement at all, and unlike some jeans they don’t bunch up behind the knee if you’re riding something sporty – that’s a pet hate of mine.

Richa Original 2 jeans branding patch

A pyjama-soft cotton lining runs from the waist to the knee on the front side, with the same material being used for stuff and armour pockets. Although it has a primarily practical use, it does add to the overall feeling of quality comfort.  

How practical are they?

The tough construction and inbuilt stretchiness make the Original 2 just as practical as any bike gear. Despite being a slim cut, they fit over most boots, including my sturdy winter Daytona Roadstars, but I tend to wear them more with urban style armoured sneakers for that low profile look.

They don’t have any kind of waterproofing, as I found when caught out in a summer shower – not that I was expecting any.   

Richa Original 2 D3O Ghost armour

Do these Richa Original 2 jeans look good?

In terms of looks, they suit my taste right down to the ground. The faded, aged appearance reflects my own, and I find there’s a certain kudos to well used denim, harking back to its origins as workwear.

Even when brand new they looked like I’d had them for 5 years, and other than the slight hint of armour at the knee and hip you’d be hard pushed to tell them apart from regular high street jeans.

What is the build quality like?

Build quality is exceptionally good, and after a year’s use involving sweaty summer rides and multiple washes, everything is as intact as it should be.

Richa Original 2 jeans tested for MCN by Justin Hayzelden

The only issue I had was that one of the pocket rivets came loose in the first few days of use. Luckily a small bag of spare parts is provided and I easily effected a repair myself with a few taps of the hammer.   

What level of protection do the Richa Original 2 jeans offer?

Abrasion resistance is achieved by Cordura, a nylon-based aramid fibre woven into the cotton denim, which earns the Original 2 CE AA certification. Hip and knee armour is D3O Ghost level 1, which is only 6.5mm thick and highly flexible.

As a non-Newtonian fluid it remains soft in general use, but hardens upon impact, making it a suitable choice for that ‘under the radar’ look.  

Richa Original 2 jeans CE rating label

How does the Richa Original 2 jeans compare with other jeans for overall value?

At £199.99, the Original 2 are in the same ballpark as CE AAA certified jeans, but while they may offer a lower level of active protection, as in during an accident, the comfort and flexibility potentially gives them a higher standing for passive protection. Due to their very nature, AAA jeans can be heavier and stiffer.

Loose fit 15oz Cordura denim riding jeans with CE approved hip and knee protection

The Philly 3 is the loosest fitting pair of jeans in the Rev'it range and are only for those who like to spend their days on the bike as if they were having a chill day on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon. The protection is there, but it will remain virtually unnoticed when you're riding, regardless of your riding position


  • Loose fit - will go over your boots
  • Comfortable and feel like a regular pair of jeans
  • Hardly notice the armour


  • Feels heavy for some
Casual looking slim fit denim jeans with CE certified knee and hip protection. Discover unparalleled protection and comfort in these advanced jeans. Engineered with precision anatomical knee construction and 100% Twaron ballistic fabric, these high-waisted, comfort-fit jeans boast seamless exteriors, CE Approved P.P.E, and adjustable/removable knee protectors. The hidden zip design ensures convenience, while the optional hip protector adds versatility to your safety and style.


  • Good level of protection
  • Without armour can be used as everyday jeans
  • High waistline - good for touring


  • A little heavier than A rated
Casual looking aramid-fibre reinforced jeans with Sas-Tec knee and hip protection, perfect for urban riding. Thanks to Kevlar lining and protectors make sure all critical areas are protected. Elastic inserts above knees and lumbar guarantee maximum freedom of movement. Zipper in Rebelhorn Vandal makes it possible to combine them with a jacket.


  • Good level of protection - AA
  • Better ventilation
  • Cool matching jackets available
  • More pocket space for small items


  • A little more pricey than the others

My overall verdict for the Richa Original 2 jeans is 4/5

I do love these jeans, and although they may not get a full five stars, for a compromise between comfort, protection and low profile looks they’re something that I’ll keep wearing and would have no qualms about spending my own money on.

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