Roadskin Taranis Elite AAA jeans review | Single-layer, AAA-rated jeans we can't stop wearing

Roadskin Taranis Elite AAA Jeans Review
Roadskin Taranis Elite AAA Jeans Review

Motorcycle riding jeans have come a long way over the years and these Roadskin Taranis Elite AAA genuinely boggle the mind with their combination of comfort, lightweight fabric and protection.

Tested by Ben Clarke for 12 months and 3000 miles


  • Comfy
  • Look like normal jeans
  • Peace of mind from AAA rating


  • Not the cheapest
  • Comfort
  • Practicality
  • Looks
  • Quality
  • Protection
  • Value
  • Overall
Construction Cotton, Kevlar, PE, Cordura, Lycra
Type Denim riding jeans
CE rating garment AAA
Armour CE-level 2 hip and knee
  • Available in three lengths, high and low knee armour positions, stretch fabric, single layer, mesh lining

To say that these single layer jeans from British firm Roadskin look and feel ‘just like jeans’ may seem like stating the obvious but it’s the highest praise I can think to give. Apart from the CE level 2 armour, there’s nothing to give these away as anything other than a comfy pair of denim trousers – and yet, they achieve the highest CE rating of AAA.

And that’s not just the rating for the fabric, either, it’s for the jeans as a whole. Given that a triple A rating was largely reserved for leather garments until quite recently, this is incredibly impressive.

Find out why Assistant Editor, Ben Clarke can’t stop wearing his Roadskin Taranis jeans in this video

Are the Roadskin Taranis Elite AAA jeans comfortable?

Rodskin Taranis Elite AAA

The fit is slim enough to look cool without being overly restrictive and they’ve got a Lycra component in the fabric that means you can move freely on the bike anyway. They’re really incredibly comfortable and I could easily sit and work in them all day after wearing them to commute.

The fabric is thin enough to keep you cool on warmer days (and has a subtle mesh lining to help with this) and I wore them into autumn with a pair of baselayers underneath and felt plenty warm enough, too.

Are the Roadskin Taranis Elite AAA jeans practical?

Rodskin Taranis Elite AAA

The Taranis jeans are as practical as riding denim needs to be. They’re super comfy and that means you don’t need to change out of then when you get to your destination if you don’t need to. I happily work a day at the office wearing them.

The pockets are in the places you’d expect for a pair of jeans and are deep enough to keep your possessions secure on the move, too.

They’re not waterproof but if that came at the expense of any of the breathability, I wouldn’t want it. They’re mostly intended for warmer rides but definitely dry ones, anyway.

Do the Roadskin Taranis Elite AAA jeans look good?

Rodskin Taranis Elite AAA

As I said above, the Taranis jeans look like a normal pair of trousers. They’ve got a fairly slim fit but not skinny and the stretch fabric means you can move around freely.

I’ve got them in black and think they look  great for sunny jacket and jeans rides. They don’t look out of place or strange once you’ve walked away from your bike, either, which is a bonus and means you don’t feel self-conscious if you ride to the pub.

Are the Roadskin Taranis Elite AAA jeans good quality?

My pair have got a few thousand miles on them now and still look like new. The zips fgeel sturdy and strong, as you’d expect with a AAA rating, and the buttons and rivets are good quality too.

Do the Roadskin Taranis Elite AAA jeans offer good protection?

Rodskin Taranis Elite AAA

Fortunately, I’ve not crashed wearing these yet but the AAA CE rating for the fabric and the garment means I’d feel confident of being ok if I did. The CE level 2 knee armour has the option of low or high pockets so you can get it in just the right position and it cups your kneecaps nicely.

I’m not a fan of hip armour so I’ve taken mine out but it comes included and is also C level 2.

Are the Roadskin Taranis Elite AAA jeans good value?

At £179.99, the Roadskin Taranis jeans aren’t the cheapest… but they’re not the most expensive either. Make sure you’re comparing apples with apples when shopping around, a pair of Tesco jeans is much cheaper but won’t look after you in an off.

Rodskin Taranis Elite AAA

Oxford’s Original Approved AAA jeans are a little cheaper at £129.99 but RST’s Tech Pro CE Aramid cost more at £189.99. A pair of John Doe Defender Mono cargo pants will set you back £235.

The verdict

When it comes to this kind of summer and casual kit I’ve always aired on the side of comfort – using the theory that if I’m comfortable I’ll be able to focus on the ride better. But the Roadskin Taranis jeans let me keep that level of comfort with the added peace of mind that they won’t fall to bits in a slide.

No, they’re not the cheapest, but they look great on and off the bike and achieving a AAA rating for a denim garment should be applauded.

I would certainly spend my own money on a pair without thinking twice.

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