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Muc-Off has been keeping our bikes looking showroom-clean for more than 20 years (even longer if you include their pushbike products) and if you’re anything like me, you’ll go through gallons of the stuff a year.

The key behind its appeal is the fact the products just work really well – the cleaning solution loosens grime and grease without damaging paintwork, the brushes are big and soft and free from scratchy metal components, and the pressure washer pumps out cleaning water at the perfect rate.

Best of all, the products are stable enough to be left on a shelf until you need them, so any time there’s a discount it’s worth stocking up, whether you want an additional bottle of cleaner or an entire bundle of stuff.

Best Muc-Off deals

35% off Muc-Off Nano-Tech Motorcycle Cleaner, 5 Litre – was £23.96, now £15.59

44% off Muc-Off Motorcycle Care Duo Kit – was £21.99, now £12.27

42% off Muc-Off 608US Motorcycle Protectant, 500 Millilitres – was £9.99, now £5.84

54% off Muc-Off 627 Motorcycle Speed Polish – was £10.99, now £5.06

47% off Muc-Off 650US Chain Cleaner – was £10.99, now £5.84

43% off Muc-Off 626 Motorcycle Silicon Shine – was £9.99, now £5.71

46% off Muc-Off Bio Degreaser, 500 Millilitres – was £11.99, now £6.49

24% off SonicScrubber Automotive Pro Detailer Brush – was £22.95, now £17.45

Keep it simple with a pump bottle of Muc-Off’s cleaner. Just rinse your bike, apply the solution, agitate and rinse free, for brilliant results every time.
We reviewed the Muc-Off Pressure Washer and Jim Blackstock said called it "a well thought-out and designed piece of kit that works perfectly for the job it was designed for". Get everything else you need at the same time with bundle, which adds cleaning fluids, towels and sponges, plus a dry bag to keep it all in. Oh, and a hat. You can also buy the pressure washer on its own.
Once you’ve used up a spray bottle you can refill it with concentrated cleaner - just remember to dilute it first. There’s a 5L bottle that makes up to 20 litres, while the smaller 1L bottle gives you up to four litres. The best savings come from buying in bulk and there's currently a massive £31.50 off the 5L bottle.

Rrp: £34.99

Price: £12.85
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If you’ve got a pressure washer already then this kit is a great all-in-one, or a gift for the motorcyclist in your life. A litre of Muc-Off's brilliant cleaning solution, a brush and sponge, plus a can of motorcycle protectant to use afterwards, and a special bag to keep it in.

Rrp: £10.99

Price: £8.75
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Keeping your chain clean is an essential maintenance job and Muc-Off has all the products you need. A blast of bio cleaner and a scrub with Muc-Off's special brush Motorcycle Chain Brush starts the process, and then you can protect it with all-weather lube or wet weather lube depending on how British the winter weather is likely to be.
Save £5.60
Once clean you can use this product to protect potential corrosion spots the underside of your bike from winter grime and road salt. Muc-Off's Harsh Condition Barrier applied a thin film to your surfaces to protect them in rubbish weather.
Save £17.50
A clever gadget that has nothing to do with cleaning (but potentially to do with protecting) – this metal holder clamps to your bike and has space for an Apple AirTag, so you can track the whereabouts of your bike at all times. Simple and secure.

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