We've tested the new Insta360 X4 action camera | Take motorcycle onboards to new heights with 8K resolution

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Motorcycle action cameras are big business these days, with evermore riders recording their journeys for social media, as well as for insurance purposes.

Since the launch of the first generation GoPros of the early noughties, cameras have got more advanced, resolution has improved dramatically, and features such as mobile connectivity have crept in – all designed to give riders the clearest and most accessible recordings of their journeys.

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Price: $499.99
The latest and highest resolution version of the Insta360 action camera has landed.


  • High-resolution recording
  • 360-degree coverage
  • Improved battery life
  • Enhanced stability
  • Robust and water-resistant build
  • Versatile frame rates and resolutions
  • Improved user interface and editing workflow


  • Increased weight
  • Increased cost
  • Limited compatibility with existing accessories
  • Bulkier than before

However, relative newcomers Insta360 are now looking to take this to the next level, introducing an £499.99 X4 model for 2024, featuring the ability to record 360-degree video as before but now at an astonishing 8K resolution. A motorcycle specific bundle with accessories is yours for £593.

Insta360 X4 action camera mounted to a motorcycle

“8K will be transformative for creators as reframed video now holds its own alongside footage shot on regular cameras,” Insta360 Founder, JK Liu said. “But X4 isn’t just about image quality, it’s designed to be the most robust, easy-to-use 360 degree camera ever, no matter your experience. This idea was at the heart of a lot of the changes we made.”

The notion of ‘reframed video’ refers to the fact that the camera records a 360-degree field of vision. Then, once you’re in the editing stage, you can select any angle – up, down, left, or right – to then display on the screen.

Where you once needed multiple action cameras to record different onboard shots, you can now use a single unit to capture varying viewpoints all at once.

The Insta360 X4 action camera has two lenses

So how does it work?

In order to achieve the complete 360-degree recording, the device features two lenses back to back, that capture over 180-degrees of footage from either side. Each lens can shoot at up to 8K resolution across its full spread of vision, to allow the punched in selected footage to be as crisp as possible.

To keep your recordings stable, a six-axis gyroscope is also installed inside, detecting movement, and eliminating unwanted vibrations – especially handy for motorcycles.

To see what you’ve captured, the 2.5in touch screen on the device (which is now larger and more robust than on the X3) then allows you to look at your recordings before moving to any sort of editing stage.

Insta360 X4 action camera used to record onboard off-road footage

And what does it record?

Water resistant down to 33ft and able to operate to as cold as -20 degrees, the X4 can record for just over two hours, at a claimed 135 minutes. This is due to a larger new 2290mAh battery, which is said to last 67% longer than the outgoing X3.

Although better for longer rides, it has upped the weight from 180g to 203g. That might not sound like a lot but could be noticeable when attached to a crash helmet. An optional selfie stick attachment, which is invisible to the camera due to its placement, could alleviate this problem though by attaching directly to your bike. 

In terms of footage, the full 8K 360 view can be used at 30,25, and 24 frames per second, with higher frame rates then available in slightly lower resolutions. At 100fps, the maximum resolution is 4K across the lens’ field of view.

Front and rear sides of the Insta360 X4 action camera

There are also options for one-side single lens footage, as well as still images up to 11904 x 5952 pixels. For more on the camera, visit insta360.com now.  

Tried and tested

MCN Videographer Joseph Wright got his hands on a X4 ahead of the launch. Here’s what he thought:

‘Being MCN’s in house videographer, I’ve been excited about the arrival of the X4 since I spoke to the Insta360 team at the Eicma trade show in Milan, late last year. I started filming family holidays with action cameras on early GoPros, way before we had 360-degree vision.

‘I already use the current X3 design when producing MCN videos and have had the X4 under embargo around two weeks. Comparing them back to back on my Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 long term test bike, I was actually a little disappointed at first.

Using an Insta360 X4 action camera on a UK country road

‘The extra weight to accommodate the batteries can make it feel slightly bulky and awkward on your helmet, with the batteries now different from the old model. This means you can’t carry them over from the old one, if you’ve already got a decent stock.

‘However, in the filming it’s really impressive and feels like they’ve set a new bar for action cams – especially if you’re an experienced videographer making content for YouTube and social media. The re-framing is especially good, thanks to the 8K resolution, and it captures a true sense of speed when you’re riding.

‘The user interface was already good on the X3, so didn’t need much in the way of updating, but the workflow they’ve launched for editing afterwards is now really good, too.’

Grab a deal on the Insta360 X3

Tried and Tested by Joseph Wright for six months and 1,000 miles

The Insta360 X3 is an action camera that records 360 degrees at once. Thee are several different types of mounts on the market, so that you can use the camera pretty much anywhere. It has built in video stabilisation to improve the quality of the footage and decrease bouncy video. When used with the invisible selfie stick you can achieve a third person view.


  • Image quality
  • Battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Video stabilisation


  • Weak mounts
  • Audio quality is not the best
  • Quality
  • Value
Resolution 72MP / 18MP
Video Active HDR
Touchscreen size 2.29 inch
Battery 1800 mAh
  • 360 degree recording
  • 4K single lens mode
  • Third person views
  • Waterproof
  • Video stabilisation

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