Muc-Off help to clean-up crime: Tracker holder gives bikers an affordable security solution

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Muc-Off have released a special motorbike security device to keep Apple’s new AirTag tracking devices hidden and tamper-proof in a bid to keep bike thieves at bay.

The handy Apple AirTag holder can be easily attached to a motorcycle’s cables to provide a secure place to install the tracking device to keep tabs on your bike’s location.

The £50 AirTag Holder for Powersports is constructed of a two-part, heat resistant polymer holder, surrounded by a precision CNC machined, aircraft-grade 6061 aluminium frame and clamp.

Muc-Off Apple AirTag Holder

For added protection from would-be thieves the tag is held within the holder by three security Torx screws that can only be tightened and undone by the provided specialist tool.

The holder’s clamp comes with four silicone adapters to allow for a snug and vibration-free fit to various diameters of wiring harness. The clamp is then secured with a further Torx screw. The holder is not waterproof but the Apple AirTags, supplied separately from £35, are water resistant.  

While AirTags may not stop a bike getting stolen in the first place, they do make recovery much more likely as they can track the bike through a phone or laptop app. And now, with the new Muc-Off holder you can get a secure motorbike tracker in place for £85 that will seriously boost chances of getting a bike back, should it be stolen.

Muc-Off Apple AirTag Holder fitted near a motorcycle battery

The AirTag Holder for Powersports will not work with other tracking devices but Muc-Off say they are “looking into other devices for motorcycles, which will work with Apple and other devices”.

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