This is the best Black Friday deal I've seen so far - 40% off my favourite airbag jacket


I’ve been riding in the RST Sabre leather jacket during the final months of 2023, and it has immediately become my first choice when I’m heading out the door, because it’s AAA rated for abrasion and comes with the added reassurance of an airbag system.

If that alone is not enough to grab your attention, how about the fact it’s nearly 50% off during Black Friday? That makes this jacket an extraordinary bargain – it’s cheaper than a lot of non-airbag leather jackets.

I recently reviewed the RST Pro Series Airbag suit after spending a lot of time in it over the summer months. It felt like a suit of armour thanks to AAA rating and level two protectors, plus the airbag of course.

However, it’s not the most practical of choices (there are no pockets on it at all) and as the weather got chillier I found its swathes of ventilated leather a problem.

The great thing about the Sabre jacket is not only does it come with a removable thermal liner, but the In&Motion box from my suit swaps straight into it, so I can continue to use the airbag system (and my subscription) without any additional cost.

It’s also extremely comfortable and flexible (in part due to a need for extra accordion stretch panelling to accommodate the airbag if it were to inflate) and comes in a Goldilocks cut that is sporty to avoid bunching up but also casual enough that you can easily walk around in it.

The discount means it’s available at a great price right now – I’ve looked high and low this week and cannot find a cheaper airbag jacket for less money. Feel free to get in touch if you can!

There are also discounts on the textile version if you want a degree of weather protection, and the non-airbag version of both the leather and textile jacket. There also also a couple of different colourways too. Details below.

How does the In&motion system operate?

Regardless of the clothing manufacturer adopting the In&motion system, they all utilize the same fundamental hardware—a back protector housing the inflator, with a plastic cover over the top housing the brain. This design ensures some rider protection even if the battery runs out during use. The brain utilizes GPS sensors, along with a set of accelerometers and gyroscopes, to gauge the bike’s speed and assess its movements.

By comparing this real-time data with extensive records of both regular and crash scenarios, the system determines whether deploying the airbag is necessary.

You can either pay £400 up front, or subscribe for £120 a year/£12 a month. The latter gains a lifetime warranty and updates for the box, whereas if you buy it outright you just get available updates.

What are the alternative options?

Several options exist for personal airbag protection, each offered by different manufacturers. Helite, for instance, prefers vests that sit on the outside of regular clothing, allowing riders to wear garments of their choice. While a practical solution, it may potentially impact the breathability or venting of the clothing.

Alpinestars and Dainese present their own systems, initially developed in racing environments. Alpinestars originally integrated an airbag vest into its jackets, while Dainese designed a universal vest meant to fit under any jacket.

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