Heated vision: New heated visor claims to provide a day’s riding without the fear of fog

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Space technology and British engineering have combined to make fogged visors a thing of the past with the invention of the Visin heated visor insert that promises to keep your vision crystal clear for up to eight hours.

Designed and produced in the West Midlands, the Visin Heated Visor Insert offers a universal fit so should suit any helmet visor. Run by a multi-purpose, integrated power pack, the insert itself is completely clear so remains legal for both day and nighttime use.

So, how does it work? A conductive transparent coating allows electricity to pass across the film and instantly generate heat, which quickly clears any condensation and prevents recurrence of further misting – providing riders with a clear field of vision without the need to ease open the visor to increase airflow.

Visin heated visor insert in action

The kit is designed to operate in temperatures between -20°C and +60°C and whilst the system is active, power is continuously applied to the insert. There’s also a ‘boost’ function which spans 40 seconds and increases the power level by 2.5 times. This rapidly clears any misting during more severe weather conditions.

The Visin Heated Visor Insert is the brainchild of Jason Eite from West Midlands-based Diamond Coatings Ltd which supplies the aerospace, automotive, military and medical sectors with coating solutions for demanding applications. One recent project saw them supply custom coatings for the European Space Agency and NASA’s Solar Orbiter which is exploring and observing the sun.

Several of the company’s employees are avid motorcyclists and combined their background in the design, development and supply of heater solutions to aerospace, defence and medical industries with knowledge and skills in creating high-quality conductive optical coatings, to develop a film that can be easily applied to the visor of any motorbike helmet.

Visin heated visor insert used while riding in the wet

During testing in South Africa one rider said: “The temperature was 6°C when we set off with heavy cold rain. As soon as we stepped outside my visor was fully closed and you could see the non-heated area starting to fog immediately. The Visin lens stayed clear.”

Visin claim the visor out-performs non-heated inserts, which are treated with a moisture prevention coating – only clear as long as there is good air circulation and low humidity. If there is low air circulation and high humidity, the company say non-heated visors can fog like one without any protection.

The insert is available online at heatedvisor.co.uk with prices starting at £179.95 for a pack containing everything you need to fit and run the system. There are two universal-fit inserts (one for road helmets, one for enduro-style gear), and helmet-specific fitments are being added to the range.

Visin heated visor insert

Visin Heated Visor Insert in detail

  • Universal fit: The Visin heated visor has been made to suit any helmet and is available now for road and enduro lids.
  • Single application only: The insert should only be applied to one visor. Removing it to apply it to another may damage the gasket’s stickiness and the performance of the conductive coating. It can be done, but the team do not recommend it.
  • Charging up: The visor insert power pack is charged via a USB power cable, which can be purchased separately. An additional pack is £134.99.
  • Best of British: The Visin heated visor insert has been designed and manufactured in Britain with a conductive coating on the visor insert allows electricity to pass across the film to create heat.
  • Going the distance: To prove the product, the Visin team rode from Cape Town in South Africa, to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, and then back again – over 6200 miles.

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