Strong start: Best motorcycle batteries as picked by MCN

Best motorcycle batteries
Best motorcycle batteries

We’re all guilty of taking our motorcycle batteries for granted until they eventually run out. Whether it’s through lack of use or the battery is aged and discharging you’ll need a new one at some point.

Motorcycle batteries are serviceable parts and finding the right one easily will save you a major headache.

With this in mind, we’ve found the best motorcycle batteries currently on sale. From simple replacement units to simple-to-install upgrades there will be a battery perfect for your bike.

And while you’re at it, why not look at buying a battery charger or jump pack so you’re not left immobile with flat motorcycle batteries again.

The best motorcycle batteries

The best motorcycle battery on a budget

Price: £28.39

A top seller on Amazon, this 12V 9Ah battery will be a simple swap job so long as it fits your bike (so check first). It comes sealed and will work straight out of the box too. Other Ah grades are available too, including 4 and 5.

The best simple battery

Price: 59.99 (was £79.15)

A lithium battery is a great upgrade for your bike because it's lighter offers better cold starts and can charge far quicker. This one offers a handy LED indicator light and should last 2,000 charge cycles too. Take note though, this battery MUST be charged with an appropriate lithium charger to prevent damage.

The best battery for easy maintenance

Price: £19.98

Designed to be maintenance-free thanks to an advanced gel construction, this battery should be long-lasting and less susceptible to self-discharge. It's also manufactured for cold starts and is shock-resistant too.

The best lithium battery

High performance at low temperature, long life and competitive prices make the Aliant YLP Series a cracking choice. Take note though, like the Shido this battery needs to be charged with an appropriate lithium charger to prevent damage.

The best gel nanotech battery

Price: 58.99 (was £92.28)

Gel Nanotechnology batteries are robust and reliable, often offering more battery cycles and a longer shelf life in comparison to other technologies. A totally sealed unit.

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