Do it all: Best multi-tools for motorcycle repairs

Best multitools
Best multitools

Carrying lots of kit isn’t really in line with the motorcycling brief, even with the bigger touring bikes. Yet, multi-tools for motorcycle repairs are handy. Every so often, we need to fettle with something while out on a ride.  

This might just be attaching or removing an accessory, but it could also involve a minor repair of some sort. Whatever the need, multi-tools for motorcycle repairs are an invaluable piece of equipment that ticks the space-saving box too. As such, it’s a great thing to have with you when out and about on your motorcycle. 

How useful are multi-tools for motorcycles?

You will be happy to know that the most common tools found on multi-tools have some use in a motorcycle scenario. Remember, the tools on a multi-tool for motorcycle repairs are there specifically because they are useful in a wide range of circumstances. 

Screwdrivers are self-explanatory, but pliers are helpful for giving you extra holding strength and finesse. Meanwhile, blades and scissors work well in conjunction with duct tape and zip ties.  

The best multi-tools for motorcycle repairs 

While multi-tools for motorcycle repairs follow a similar recipe, they still vary in design, quality, ergonomics, and included tools. As such, some are better suited to dealing with motorcycles than others, and we’ve reviewed our favourites below.

Editor's pick

The demands for a multi-tool when working on your motorcycle are considerable. Ultimately, you want the multi-tool to be as solid and reliable as possible because it is your safety on the line. Enter SOG. You may not have heard the name, but it’s an American brand that began a couple of decades ago and owes its inspiration to the US special forces.

The PowerLock is a full-size heavy-duty multi-tool that competes with the cream of the pocketable tool world. It’s a simple concept with some fantastic design inputs. One of its primary features is its compound leverage. The pliers have multiple pivot points, which give them much greater gripping force and power.

Another important weapon in its arsenal is the PowerLock’s ability to be customised according to your needs. You can replace the entire toolset if you want to, and it’s reasonably affordable to do so. We also like the incredible build quality – it's quite a heavy multi-tool, but it’s seriously durable.
Number of tools: 18
Closed length: 11.7cm
Weight: 272.2g
Warranty: Lifetime against manufacturer defects (plier head and handle only)
Materials: Stainless steel handle and blade, ballistic nylon handle, nylon sheath 


Price: £84.95
The SOG tool is our overall winner, but you may want to stick with a familiar name and that’s understandable, especially when a multitool is costing around £100. Leatherman has proven itself a very safe pair of hands and its Rebar model is our pick for motorcycle use (though, it can of course be used far beyond that).

The Rebar’s focus on pliers, cutters, and screwdrivers makes it very useful for any light motorcycle patch repairs and maintenance. It’s a bit lighter and smaller than the SOG multi-tool, but it’s still a very durable tool.
Number of tools: 17
Closed length: 10.2cm
Weight: 189.9g
Warranty: 25-year against manufacturer defects
Materials: Stainless steel, nylon sheath

Widest functionality

Comprehensive - that’s what this multi-tool is. The inclusion of Phillips, Torx, and Hex bits lends a lot of additional functionality to this motorcycle-friendly tool, but surprisingly, without much in the way of bulk.

The Tool Spirit X Plus Ratchet isn’t quite on par with the SOG for heavy-duty - basically military levels of durability. However, that bar is very high and this Victorinox is still very reliable and well made, reflected by its popularity and lifetime warranty.

The price is considerable but, like the others here, you have to think of this as an investment. It's a multi-tool that you should only have to buy once.
Number of tools: 33
Closed length: 10.5cm
Weight: 210g
Warranty: Lifetime against manufacturer defects
Materials: Stainless steel, leather sheath

Best value

The volume of multi-tools occupying the lower price range is immense and many are tacky and rubbish, though it’s hard to know which of them are. Gerber’s Suspension multi-tool is one that maintains its usability and hardiness despite the relatively low price.

Gerber has managed this by staying focused on the important things. Instead of getting bogged down in the impossible attempt to offer everything for nothing that so many others fall for, the Suspension bears 12 common and durable multi-tools for motorcycle repairs, most of which will be useful.
Number of tools: 12
Closed length: 8.9cm
Weight: 289.2g
Warranty: Lifetime against manufacturer defects
Materials: Stainless steel, nylon sheath

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By Chris Williams