Righty tighty: Best motorcycle torque wrenches

Best motorcycle torque wrenches
Best motorcycle torque wrenches

Pretty much every nut and bolt on your motorcycle will have a pre-determined figure for the torque it should be done up to, so all the best motorbike toolkits should include one of the best motorcycle torque wrenches.

Torque is a force applied at a radial distance and is a measure of how tightly you do up a bolt or fixing, and while screws may not need an accurate measure of torque application, most nuts and bolts do. The only way to make sure you have it correct is by using a torque wrench.

These measure the applied torque and most will ‘crack’ when they reach the pre-determined level. For example, you find out the correct setting for a particular fixing, set your torque wrench to that figure then tighten the fixing until the wrench ‘cracks’ – a clutch releases when you reach the required torque.

However, some are more technical than that and offer a digital read-out of the torque being applied, for even closer accuracy.

Getting the torque right is important for several reasons; it provides the correct clamping force for the component that the nut or bolt is securing, such as an engine casing, for example.

Too tight and the casing could get damaged, too loose and it may not provide a proper seal. Other fixtures will prevent movement, such as tightening rear-wheel spindles; too loose and it may allow dangerous movement while getting it right is essential to stop this as well as allow future work to be carried out easily and prevent damage.

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When it comes to motorcycles, if you tackle most jobs yourself, one of the best motorcycle torque wrenches will help. You would almost certainly need a 1/2in drive torque wrench, especially if you plan to ever remove the wheels or adjust your chain.

Motorcycle rear-wheel spindles can require torquing up to 150Nm (110lb·ft), which is the equivalent of a force of 110lbs or 50kg being applied by a 1ft (300mm) long lever. To put it into context, that’s really tight – the wheel nut for a Volvo XC90, for example, is 105lb·ft.

Here’s a selection of the best motorcycle torque wrenches that can help you get every job right.

Rrp: £28.83

Price: £27.46

This hefty torque wrench from tool manufacturer Silverline is the kind of beastie you may need if youu2019re planning on swapping wheels around or adjusting chains and need to tighten wheel spindles.

It can cope with torque figures from 28 to 210Nm – plenty for motorcycle wheel spindles and is Amazon’s Choice, with great reviews. It has a reversible ratchet head and comes in a plastic case with a 125mm extension bar and a 1/2in to 3/8in socket adapter.


  • Hefty limit of 210Nm
  • 465mm long handle
  • Case with 3/8in adapter and extension


  • Overkill for smaller fasteners
Price: £29.03

Amazon has its own range of branded items, Amazon Basics, and this 1/2in drive torque wrench looks remarkably similar to some others, including the Silverline, but gets good reviews on the site.

It comes in a plastic storage case and is available in a range of sizes, including this one, with settings from 27.1 to 203.5Nm. The knurled handle is used to set the torque and the 480mm long handle makes easy work of applying the necessary torque, with a clutch ‘cracking’ at the limit. It also has a reversible ratchet head.


  • Great value
  • Good limit of 203.5Nm
  • Use for left and right-hand threads


  • Too large for smaller fasteners

A variation on a theme, this meter isn't really a torque wrench, it turns any 1/2in drive ratchet or T-bar into a torque wrench. The ratchet goes in one end and the socket on the other and a digital read-out displays the actual torque being applied.

Different meters are available with different ranges – this one is rated to 200Nm though you can get one up to 340 if you need it. Not only will it display the actual torque but you can set an alarm to indicate a pre-determined value.


  • Reads actual torque being applied
  • Accurate reading
  • Audible alarm at pre-determined value


  • Need separate drive ratchet/handle
Price: £28.54

Though intended for bicycles, this could be handy for intricate work with smaller fittings. It's a T-handle that is supplied with a selection of drive bits that includes a small torque meter built into the handle.

It only runs to 10Nm but will be handy for smaller fittings or screws that need to be tightened to an actual figure. It gets decent reviews online.


  • Great for smaller jobs
  • Changeable drive bits
  • Gauge built in to handle


  • No way to pre-set limit
Price: £89.99

Not a cheap option but then, if you are using your tools regularly, then you may want to spend some more money one of the best motorcycle torque wrenches. This digital torque wrench from AC Delco uses 3/8in drive sockets and has a digital read-out of the actual torque being applied.

A pre-set limit alarm can be set that generates an audible signal as well as a flash when reached and this example goes up to 50Nm though a larger, 1/2in drive version is also available with a limit of 134Nm.


  • Actual torque read-out
  • Audible and visible limit
  • Certificate of calibration


  • High cost for amateur or occasional mechanic
Price: £25.00

This brought a flood of nostalgia to me, my father had one of these and we used to use it when I was a kid when we were tinkering with whatever was our project at the time.

Proper old-school, it’s a 1/2in drive handle with a separate bar that indicates on the built-in scale the actual torque being applied. There’s no limit or warning – you just have to keep a watch on the needle to see what the torque is.


  • Great value
  • Simple to operate
  • Give real-time measure of actual torque application


  • No pre-set limit to indicate correct torque
Price: £15.85

Sometimes on fasteners, you have to tighten them to a certain torque and then, a specified angle further. Many people assess that angle by eye and if it's something easy like 90°, then fine.

However, if it’s an angle that isn’t particularly easy to judge, then this angle gauge will do the job. A ratchet handle goes on top, the socket underneath and you apply torque until the necessary angle has been achieved.


  • Make torque angle application easy
  • Adjustable stop bar
  • Full 360° use


  • Doesn’t indicate actual torque value

This example from British manufacturer Britool is one of the best motorcycle torque wrenches. It's almost 600mm long, meaning it can easily apply plenty of torque and it is rated to 135Nm with 1/2in drive sockets.

The figure is set by turning the handle and it ‘cracks’ when the limit is reached. There is no switchable direction head – to change direction, you push the drive square through the head and mount the socket on the other side and reverse the direction of operation.


  • Long handle for easy torque application
  • Accurate and easy to set
  • Comes in plastic storage case


  • Large size means useful for big jobs only

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