Keep corrosion at bay: Best rust-prevention products for your motorbike

Rust is the enemy of the motorcyclist, especially if you ride all year round, whatever the weather. Once corrosion sets in it is extremely hard to get rid of and can make a once beautiful machine look decidedly second-hand in a remarkably short space of time. But help is at hand with a variety of motorcycle rust prevention product.

Rust-prevention sprays are a simple and effective way to ward off corrosion before it sets in. A quick application of rust-prevention spray (taking care to avoid getting it on the brake discs) should ensure that the metal parts stay rust-free, the plated areas resist corrosion and furring up and fasteners remain unseized.

So which are the best rust prevention products on the market? Here are our favourites.

The best rust prevention products

Best for value

A blend of mineral oil, surfactant, anti-corrosion additives and water which together are claimed to form a stable micro solution, Scottoiler's FS 365 is one of the cheapest products on the market. Once applied it clings to the surface, creating a layer of protection against corrosion that builds up with every application. As it is water-soluble and biodegradable, the FS 365 can easily be washed away if too much grime has become attached to it; however this trait does work against it as it also gets washed away by rain, meaning it needs to be reapplied more regularly than other non-water-based motorcycle rust prevention products.

Best all rounder

WD-40 (which actually stands for Water Displacement) is a multi-purpose product, that as well as being brilliant at unseizing rusted nuts and bolts is also a great rust-prevention measure. Originally developed in America as a rust-prevention product for the aerospace industry, it has gone on to become a worldwide brand. Consisting of light oils, it is an effective rust-protector that has the added bonus of the fact that as it also displaces water, you can apply it to areas that are moist. It does smell a bit when you start your bike and it burns off, but overall WD-40 is a multi-purpose garage essential that is also very good at warding off rust.

The best rust prevention for post-wash use

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We've featured a lot of Muc-Off products here before and with good reason, they work, and the company's Bike Protect is Amazon's Choice in corrosion inhibitors. It comes as a spray aerosol and is perfect for post-wash treatment, according to the company. It drives out moisture and lubricates parts as well as protects them. You can use this motorcycle rust prevention product on every part of the bike except the tyre treads and the brakes.

Easiest to apply

Claimed to seal metal components against rust by displacing any moisture and then lubricating the area with its active formula, SDoc100 Corrosion Protectant also forms a 'self-healing' transparent protective film that - according to the firm - closes immediately again after being touched. Although this all sounds a bit like witchcraft, in reality, it is a very good rust-preventer, that although pricey and a bit sticky to apply, does all that is asked of it.

Best against salt corrosion

Claimed by its manufacturers to contain a state-of-the-art anti-corrosion/lubrication compound, ACF-50 actively penetrates corrosion, lifting it away from the metal surface and repelling any moisture left behind. Active for 12 months after application, ACF-50 may be pricey but it is also extremely effective and if you apply it using a cloth you can save wastage. Less sticky to apply than some other anti-rust products, ACF-50 is tried and trusted by many riders who swear by its effectiveness. Expensive but worth it.

Best protection for your money

Marketed as a soft, anti-corrosive compound, XCP Professional Rust Blocker creates a soft, long-lasting barrier to protect any steel, metal or alloy surface from rust and corrosion. It can be applied either via the aerosol, a brush or a cloth, and you can increase the level of protection by layering up the product to make it even more effective. It may be pricey but a little goes a long way, and the fact it is a copper colour when applied helps ensure you don't miss any spots. A great motorcycle rust prevention product that is easy to apply and very effective at fighting off the effects of corrosion.

A good alternative

Getting good reviews on the SportsBikeShop website, TechCote ACS (Anti Corrosion Spray) displaces moisture and protects against corrosion on all surfaces on a bike, though as with any of these sprays, brakes are to be avoided. We would also recommend staying away from exhaust headers. It's one of the best motorcycle rust prevention products as it protects by displacing moisture and goes on like a light, oil-like film.

What is rust?

Rust is iron oxide and is the result of the oxidation, or corrosion, of iron. To form, rust requires three ingredients – iron, oxygen (in the air) and moisture (water). Remove either the air or moisture and it can’t form, which is what rust prevention attempt to do in the absence of paint or a protective finish. Salt makes rust worse as salt water is a better conductor of electricity so the electrolysis reaction that causes corrosion takes place much faster.

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By Jon Urry