Vulcanet motorcycle cleaning wipes offer the ultimate in cleaning convenience

Vulcanet cleaning wipes tried and tested
Vulcanet cleaning wipes tried and tested

I’m a late comer to the waterless wash thing. Bike cleaning needs a hose and bucket of soapy water, right? And surely, you’ll scratch your paintwork if you wipe it without rinsing the dirt off first? Not necessarily. Over the winter months I’ve been using Vulcanet all-in-one cleaning wipes to clean test bikes during photoshoots.

Tried and tested by Michael Neeves for 2,000 miles

The French firm says two or three wipes is enough to clean a bike, which is about right and it serves as a degreaser, detergent, tar and fly remover, window and wheel cleaner, rubber and tyre shine and more.

That’s a big claim, but it does what it says on the tub. Just wipe the desired area and buff off with the supplied microfibre cloth. It brings paintwork up to a smooth and polished finish, doesn’t scratch and works on everything from exhausts to plastics, mirrors, TFT dashes and everything in between without leaving smears.

It’s just the job for us when we’re out on a remote road test with no access to water and useful for buffing off light dirt and bug splats in between washes at home, indoors or out.

But you still can’t beat a sponge and jet wash for a proper deep clean and getting into nooks and crannies. The chemical solution leaves a sticky residue on your hands and the tub takes up a lot of room in a rucksack, but most riders won’t need to clean their bike mid-ride, like we do. It isn’t cheap, but there are 80 wipes in a tub.

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