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Getting the best textile motorcycle trousers to go with your textile jacket is a key element of sorting your motorcycling kit. Many manufacturers will produce a matching pair of trousers – or or jeans, though this doesn’t necessarily mean denim, it’s just a term for trousers – to go with their jackets and of course, this can often be the most convenient way to build your wardrobe.

However, sometimes you may just need to upgrade your trousers while your jacket is still good: you might have damaged them getting on and off the bike or you might not like the fit or style of those that match your jacket, for example.

The best textile motorcycle trousers:

Price: £149.99 (was £239.99)

Like the Wolf Titanium trousers, these from Weise also feature an Outlast liner to regulate the body temperature and keep cool in hot conditions and vice versa. They are CE AA-rated and come with CE armour in the knees and hips and there are two large thigh vents for additional cooling air, protected by waterproof zips. There are stretch panels and the knee and waist for additional comfort and there's also an expander section in the lower leg.

Tested by Saffron Wilson, for 5 months, over 2,419 miles

“These Richa trousers do what it says on the label. Waterproof, comfortable and warm. Although as you can imagine, I didn’t ride much with the detachable thermo liner as it worked too well, but the D30 knee protectors were comfortable even on the cruiser, and the ventilation zippers were ideal for wet but humid conditions. The other zip pockets were an ideal size for a phone, so they are practical overall too.

“I had a small issue with the leg length that resulted in wet ankles on the odd occasion, but taller boots should help out here. The fit was also bit snug if you needed to throw them on over jeans in sudden rain, nevertheless, they still worked which is a bonus as that’s not what they were designed for. So, there’s nothing to forgive really.

“I like the subdued styling, and the contra glide tech fit was effective at stopping saddle slip without making the trousers too bulky meaning you could easily wear them to walk around in once you hop off the bike. Although the zip-attachment to Richa jackets is a nifty feature, I did forget to detach the jacket more than once, but I’m definitely to blame for that one!”


  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable


  • Watch out for soggy ankles
  • <strong>Quality</strong>
  • <strong>Value</strong>
Price: £129.99 (was £169.99)

Part of the RST Pro series, these Paragon 6 textile jeans are new for 2021 and are CE AA rated and come with Level-1 armour in the knees and at the hips. They're formed in ballistic MaxTex material with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating and this is paired with a SinAqua breathable and waterproof membrane. There's also a removeable thermal liner and fasten-open vents help to allow cooling air in.

Price: £59.99

Amazon's choice for motorbike trousers, these items from Texpeed are made of 600 denier Cordura with a Reissa breathable waterproof lining to keep the weather out. They also come with CE armour, though there is no mention of the protection level, so one must assume it's the lower Level-1 specification, and there is also no mention of the overall CE rating. They have a belt with a buckle, cargo trousers and get good reviews online.

Price: £175.99 (was £219.99)

Wolf clothing has a great reputation and these Titanium trousers are CE A-rated and come with D3O Level-2 armour at the knees for protection and comfort while there are also pockets for optional hip armour. The outer is made in 750D nylon and there is a breathable and waterproof liner with an Outlast thermal liner. Outlast regulates temperature, keeping the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter. Stretch panels at the knees and long zipper vents on the thighs mean plenty of cool air when it starts to get warm.

Price: £74.99 (was £99.99)

These Metro trousers from Spada are CE AA rated for abrasion and construction and come with CE armour in the knee, while there is additional external padding over the knee and on the hips. They also feature a breathable and waterproof membrane with Spada's Ventech zipped vents on the upper leg, for cooling airflow. There are two lengths of joining zips and they are also available in short leg lengths. Stretch panels on the knees offer good comfort.

<strong>Material:</strong> CE AA
<strong>Armour:</strong> CE knee, plus hip padding
Price: £99.99 (was £169.99)

There's a hint of adventure about these A-rated trousers from Oxford, with their styling and colourways. They come with a removable thermal liner but lots of vents and mesh section for when the weather turns warm and you're working hard. They use Oxford's Dry2Dry waterproof and breathable membrane that is removable along with the thermal liner and there are CE-rated protectors and braces to help keep them up.

Material: CE A rated

Armour: CE protectors

Material: 750D nylon, CE A rated

Armour: D30 Level-2 knee

Price: £79.99 (was £89.99)

If it's protection and value you want, these are one of the best pairs of textile motorcycle trousers you can buy. They are CE AA rated and come with Level-2 armour at the knees and hips and are waterproof, though they can get a bit clammy. I've tried these and was impressed. I stayed completely dry and warm though, despite a removable thermal liner, there aren't any vents, so you may get warm in summer. There are useful thigh pockets though and they are excellent value. Seal of Approval - We've tested this product and have found it performs well.

Material: CE AA rated

Armour: CE Level-2 knee

Material: CE AA rated

Armour: CE Level-1 knee

Price: £169.99 (was £229.99)

The Italian brand's staple is the Andes textile clothing and this is the latest version of the trousers featuring an outer made from polyfabric textile and with Alpinestars' DryStar breathable and waterproof membrane on the inside. There is a removable thermal liner and the trousers are CE A-rated and come with Level-1 knee protectors, while there is a pocket for optional hip protector

Material: CE A rated

Armour: CE Level-1 knee

Material: CE AA-rated

Armour: CE knee and hip

Matching one of the best textile motorcycle trousers with the Cyclone Gore-Tex jacket, these use a textile outer with a Gore-Tex Z-liner built in to prevent weather from getting in but allowing the body to breathe. Like the jacket, they are CE A-rated and come with Level-1 armour to the knees. There is a detachable thermal liner as well as vents at the thighs for additional air flow.

Material: CE A-rated

Armour: CE Level-1 knee

What to look for with textile motorcycle trousers

As with other clothing, the best textile motorcycle trousers should be CE rated for protective abilities, in terms of the material and the construction; B is the worst through to A, AA and AAA. Also look for CE armour in the knees and ideally, the hips, as these are the areas you are likely to land on if you fall from the bike. See if the armour is adjustable so you can move the knee pads, for example, to make sure they sit in the right position. Also look for different leg-length options, as this will also have an effect on the right positioning of the armour.

You may also want to look for vents if you plan to use them in warmer months and a removable thermal liner to make them as relevant to warm and cold rides as possible. Also, look for joining zips to pair them with a jacket and what pockets are there; hand warmers are useful but then so are cargo pockets on the thigh. Consider the ankle fastenings – are they big enough to go over your chosen boots and how do they close – zips, Velcro or poppers or a combination? Here are a selection of the best textile motorcycle trousers you can purchase.

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About the author: Justin Hayzelden is a Commercial Content Writer at MCN Products. He has extensive industry experience, having spent over 10 years as a freelance road tester and journalist.

– Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this page, we never allow this to influence product selections.

- Just so you know, whilst we may receive a commission or other compensation from the links on this page, we never allow this to influence product selections - read why you should trust us.