Riding trousers review: Spidi Traveler 2 H2Out tried and tested

Spidi Traveler 2 H2Out
Spidi Traveler 2 H2Out

Spidi Traveler 2 H2Out: tested for 2177 miles / 6 months

These trousers got me through winter – no doubt about it. They’ve taken me through rain, sleet and even 11 snowstorms (yes, I counted) and I haven’t had any kind of leak or any damp spots. Plus, the removable thermal liner has kept me toastier than expected even in the sub-zero conditions.

I did get a size up so I could fit thermals and jeans underneath them as I knew I would be riding in the cold season, but they were still comfortable and the fit is great. The only small aggravation I found were sore knees on super-long journeys from the kneepads (I’m talking four hours plus) but that was only a niggle, and I didn’t notice 90% of the time. Although I’ve been trying these Spidi Traveler 2 H2Out trousers through the cold, the liner is easily removable and the zip-up vents on the thighs are great for airflow on warmer days, or if you’re heading off-road and need a breeze.

The trousers are CE Class A certified with Level 1 warrior protectors on hips and knees. There is a zip fastener to join the trousers to the H2Out Traveler jacket, which is always a benefit, and the Scotchlite reflective material is welcome when riding in the dark.

Price: £131.38 (was £182.45)

I guess I can also say I tested out the safety tech properly since I had a little slow-speed tumble while wearing the trousers. Even though I skidded a few feet down the road on my knee, the only visible damage to the Spidi Traveler 2 H2Out trousers was a small tear in the outer textile (and a few scuffs just above it) but the kneepad held on strong and is still in great condition. As a result, I was only left with a sizeable bruise. The most surprising thing I found was after the accident I then wore these trousers for around 800 miles – including in the snow – and they were still waterproof despite the damage.

If I had to criticise, it would be a nod to the easy staining on the outer fabric from general use on the Spidi Traveler 2 H2Out trousers, but I would expect that from any white garment, and it may be that I’m just a bit lazy with the cleaning. Doing up the ankle cuffs can be a bit of a headache as the liner tends to get caught, but if you get the knack then they are ideal for accommodating big boots. You just have to remember to get them zipped before you start putting on bulky jackets, so you don’t overheat!


The design is more adventure-chic, so may be off-putting to a few, but if you’re not bothered then I can’t fault them for road and think they would be great on the trails when it’s a little colder. I just love it when the kit works, and these trousers certainly do.

Quality: 5/5

Value: 4/5


Dry, warm and comfortable


Design might not be for everyone

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