Best motorcycle tyre pressure monitoring systems

Best motorcycle tyre pressure monitoring systems
Best motorcycle tyre pressure monitoring systems

One of the ‘new fangled’ safety systems that some manufacturers fit to higher-specification motorcycles is a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

Carried over from the car world, which admittedly uses the system to alert drivers of cars fitted with run-flat tyres of a problem, this system can provide a crucial early warning of a problem with a tyre and give the rider time to stop safety before experiencing a dangerous fast deflation.

Cars using run-flat tyres need it as some drivers may not be aware they have lost tyre pressure, as these tyres are designed to stay on the wheel rim when some or all of the inflation air has been lost – specially designed beads stay on the rim and stronger sidewalls support the weight of the vehicle.

On a bike, this isn’t practical but anything that can give advance warning of impending problems can make a big difference to safety, not just for the rider and pillion but other road users as well.

Bikes such as high-end BMWs and KTMs feature TPMS from the factory but it is possible to fit an aftermarket system to any bike. Factory systems use sensors built in to the wheels but the aftermarket uses tyre pressure sensors that screw on to the pressure valves and read the actual air pressure in real time.

However, don’t think that this is a replacement for regularly checking your tyres – a system like this is there to offer a warning of problems, not eliminate the need for you to check regularly.

They won’t for example, show whether you have any damage to your tyre or how they are wearing. You still need to do your regular checks.

Here is a selection of TPMS systems for motorcycles.

Price: £32.99
This system from Jansite is Amazon's Choice for 'Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitoring System' and gets pretty decent reviews on the site. It's a waterproof (obviously) wireless TPMS using a sensor on each tyre's valve stem and connecting to a bar-mounted display unit.

This shows the pressure and temperature of each tyre, as well as the time – handy for bikes with no clock. In addition to the digital read-out, it has an audible alarm for low pressure and its rugged looks would suit many adventure-style bikes.
Price: £28.05
A slightly different system this, in that it is designed to be hard-wired to the bike's battery (or 12V system with included connectors) and show pressures and temperatures at all times on the rectangular display unit, with pressures accurate to 0.1 bar.

It comes pre-paired wirelessly to the two included wheel sensors that mount to the valves and it is fitted using the included double-sided tape or any other way you feel appropriate.
Price: £45.00
This is another tyre pressure monitoring system with a solar-powered display unit, though this time, the panels are on the front so will work best when the sun is behind you, presumably. Like the others, it shows individual tyre pressures for the front and back, as well as temperatures, which can also indicate impending problems. An icon on the display panel shows when it is charging and this is perhaps better for summer use.
Price: £33.29
At just £22.79, this system seems to offer a lot. A display unit hard-wired to the bike's battery shows pressure and temperature for the front and rear tyres, as you'd expect. However, as it's hard-wired, it also displays the battery voltage, which is a useful gauge of the bike's electrical system status and there is a built-in USB socket for charging items like your smartphone if you use it as a sat nav or it's simply a bit flat.

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