BMW G650 XCOUNTRY (2007 - 2012) Review

At a glance

Owners' reliability rating: 4.5 out of 5 (4.5/5)
Power: 52 bhp
Seat height: Medium (33.1 in / 840 mm)
Weight: Low (318 lbs / 144 kg)

Overall rating

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4 out of 5 (4/5)

BMW’s sometime popular BMW 's F650GS single-cylinder range gets updated stable mates. Consisting of a road cum enduro motorcycle (BMW G650 XChallenge - £5,875), a supermoto motorcycle (BMW G650 XMoto - £6,070), and a dual-purpose soft trailie motorcycle (BMW G650 XCountry - £4,895), which is more akin to the Scrambler style motorcycle of yesteryear, all share the same frame and engine, but ride and look different.
Video: BMW Xcountry vs. Derbi Mulhacen

Ride quality & brakes

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4 out of 5 (4/5)

The BMW G650 XChallenge rides like a big-wheel trailie motorcycle on road and ably tackles lumpy off-road with ease, but it’ll make you sweat as its road-biased weight comes into play. The BMW G650 XMoto is pure fun – quick steering, agile, and a demon motorcycle in the twisties. The softer suspended and styled BMW G650 XCountry is also good at cutting through traffic and bends, just lacks visual excitement in comparison to other motorcycles.


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4 out of 5 (4/5)

The engine is exactly the same on all the three motorcycles: an Austrian-made Rotax single-cylinder making a creditable (claimed) 52bhp. It’s a punchy little number; spins through its short rev range very quickly, but suffers from high rpm vibes in typical big single style. Use the BMW G650's low down stomp of 44ftlb of torque and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the motorcycle's tractable punch.

Reliability & build quality

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4 out of 5 (4/5)

The motorcycles' engine is a proven one from the old F650G/S series with modern touches (lighter internals) so there should be no qualms here. All components on all motorcycles are the usual BMW selected quality parts and the build quality on the BMW G650 in general looks to be good (the bikes are assembled by Aprilia) so BMW wants to preserve its reputation of high customer satisfaction with the BMW G650.

Value vs rivals

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3 out of 5 (3/5)

If trail/enduro motorcycle riding is your main bag then the BMW G650 series, with prices ranging from £4,895 to £6,070 is pricey in comparison to genuine enduro motorcycles. But hey, it looks cool as does the BMW G650 XMoto. BMW G650 XMoto and BMW G650 XCountry have the same high price problem (blame it on the Euro-to-sterling exchange). If you want to buy into a known motorcycle brand then these are the cheapest BMW motorcycles available. Find a BMW G650 for sale.


4 out of 5 (4/5)

All motorcycles have 45mm USD forks. BMW G650 XChallenge gets wave-style brake discs and a clever air-damped rear shock to deal with off-road. BMW G650 XMoto gets stiffer (hydraulic all round) suspension, a demon 4-piston front brake and cast ally wheels. BMW G650 XCountry has non-adj. front forks, but rear ride height adjustment to suit shorter bikers; it’s the only motorcycle in this range with a comfy seat. All motorcycles have a pathetic 9.5lt fuel tank so carry a mobile or 5lt petrol can. Compare and buy parts for the BMW G650 in the MCN Shop.


Engine size 652cc
Engine type Liquid-cooled, 4v dohc, single-cylinder. 43mm efi. 5 gears
Frame type Tubular steel bridge frame with aluminium subframe and swingarm
Fuel capacity 9.5 litres
Seat height 840mm
Bike weight 144kg
Front suspension XChall’e & XMoto adj. for compression & rebound damping. XC’try non-adj.
Rear suspension XChall’e has air-damped shock with two-step damping adjustment. XMoto & XC’try adj. for pre-load, ride height and rebound damping
Front brake XChall’e 1 x 300mm disc with 2-pot caliper, XMoto 1 x 320mm disc with 4-pot caliper, XC’try 1 x 310mm disc with 2-pot caliper
Rear brake 240mm disc with 1-pot caliper
Front tyre size XChall’e 90/90 x 21, XMoto 160/60 x 17, XC’try 130/80 x 17
Rear tyre size XChall’e 140/80 x 18, XMoto 147kg, XC’try 148kg

Mpg, costs & insurance

Average fuel consumption 47 mpg
Annual road tax £96
Annual service cost -
New price -
Used price -
Insurance group 9 of 17
How much to insure?
Warranty term Two year unlimited mileage

Top speed & performance

Max power 52 bhp
Max torque 44 ft-lb
Top speed 106 mph
1/4 mile acceleration -
Tank range 90 miles

Model history & versions

Model history

2007: BMW G650 motorcycles introduced.

Other versions


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Owners' reviews for the BMW G650 XCOUNTRY (2007 - 2012)

4 owners have reviewed their BMW G650 XCOUNTRY (2007 - 2012) and rated it in a number of areas. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below.

Review your BMW G650 XCOUNTRY (2007 - 2012)

Summary of owners' reviews

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 (4.5/5)
Ride quality & brakes: 5 out of 5 (5/5)
Engine: 5 out of 5 (5/5)
Reliability & build quality: 4.5 out of 5 (4.5/5)
Value vs rivals: 4 out of 5 (4/5)
Equipment: 3.5 out of 5 (3.5/5)
4 out of 5 Fun light weight big smooth single
04 February 2021 by Marco

Version: X Country

Year: 2007

I bought my X Country in 2018. It's very light, the engine is very smooth for a big single and a really nice comfortable riding position. It's good off road on dry conditions but would need more aggressive tyres for wet/muddy conditions. The suspension is a little basic even though it has upside down forks. I've added progressive fork springs, Scorpion Exhaust and a tail tidy. The only real downside is the small fuel tank.

Ride quality & brakes 5 out of 5
Engine 5 out of 5

Very smooth for a big single and the gear ratios are spot on.

Reliability & build quality 4 out of 5
Value vs rivals 4 out of 5

Oil change and filter is more complicated than it needs to be but not too difficult.

Equipment 4 out of 5

Change tires if you are doing serious off roading.

5 out of 5
11 November 2015 by Stuee

Year: 2007

Great machine, light and incredibly flickable with a punchy motor and BMW brand cachet. Hard to find but well worth it.

Ride quality & brakes 5 out of 5

Amazing ride quality, great brakes.

Engine 5 out of 5

Incredible punch, very quick through the gears and will happily cruise at motorway speeds for long periods. Smooth for a single.

Reliability & build quality 4 out of 5

Well made overall and reliable, only very minor issues.

Value vs rivals 4 out of 5

BMW dealers not cheap but worth it to keep service book stamped up! 62-78 mpg is great.

Equipment 3 out of 5

Not much of it but all good quality.

5 out of 5 Brilliant
02 September 2013 by ranorthe

I've had mine for a year, it's been faultless. The performance as standard is brilliant, but now with a 1 tooth bigger front sprocket and a Scorpion can it will put 115MPH on the clock and it cruises at 90MPH. Fuel is 70-80MPG depending on riding style. The handling is unbelievably good, the bike weighs nothing and the frame and forks are very stiff. With decent tyres this will outcorner sportsbikes on the twisities. Off road capability is great, the suspension has loads of travel and soaks up the bumps, just remember to turn the ABS off before hitting the trails! The only thing missing is a rev counter.

Ride quality & brakes 5 out of 5
Engine 5 out of 5
Reliability & build quality 5 out of 5
Value vs rivals 4 out of 5
Equipment 4 out of 5
4 out of 5 G650 X Country
29 October 2008 by lenny39

I bought mine in December 2007 mainly for commuting to London, this little gem handles brilliant in town traffic and also produces about 56 mpg in urban conditions It is such an enjoyable ride that I reglary go for a spin at weekends, the only downside is the small 9 ltr tank but with a range of about 130 miles I can live with that

Ride quality & brakes 5 out of 5
Engine 5 out of 5
Reliability & build quality 5 out of 5
Value vs rivals 4 out of 5
Equipment 3 out of 5
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