SUZUKI C1500T INTRUDER (2013-on) Review

Published: 14 August 2015

In many ways the C1500T is a very attractive proposition

SUZUKI C1500T INTRUDER  (2013-on)

In many ways the C1500T is a very attractive proposition

Overall Rating 3 out of 5

In many ways the C1500T is a very attractive proposition. It’s a hell of a lot of bike for the money, especially as the closest Japanese competition comes from Kawasaki in the shape of its VN1700 Voyager.

Ride Quality & Brakes 3 out of 5

Ride comfort is like the proverbial magic carpet with the suspension wallowing along at a steady pace. Obviously if you wind up the pace you soon find its handling limitations, but that’s not the point of the big cruiser.
The Suzuki only comes with a single brake disc up front; asking just that single disc to haul up the lardy 363kg may be an economy too far for some. Simply, the single disc just can’t cope by itself although, when combined with the rear (which feels almost as strong) it gets by.
At cruising speeds it’s super smooth, and below 75mph you’re out of the wind-blast thanks to the huge screen, approaching 80mph you start to get a slight buffeting.

Engine 3 out of 5

The fuelling is faultless and no matter what the speed and the engine is silky. It’s just a shame the exhaust note is so silent and characterless.
On the downside, it doesn’t drive from really low down. There’s a slight hesitation and it simply doesn’t have the grunt of its rivals. The big 1462cc lump happily pulls 50 mph in 5th gear or even 40mph in 4th. Below 40mph in fourth gear it feels really sluggish. For such a big V-twin you’d expect arm-ripping torque from tickover.
Suzuki has fitted a slipper clutch to ease the massive amount of engine braking from the huge V-twin but it doesn’t inspire confidence in the same way that another disc and optional ABS would. 

Build Quality & Reliability 3 out of 5

The Suzuki’s styling might not have the grace or classy finish of Guzzi’s California, or the mean road presence of Kawasaki’s Voyager Custom but it’s cheaper but a considerable amount. In one or two areas you can see where Suzuki has saved money. 

Insurance, running costs & value 4 out of 5

This is the cheapest bagger on the market by some margin and as such represents good value for money. It should return a claimed 52mpg, which isn’t too bad for such a large machine.

Equipment 2 out of 5

Representing good value for money, the Suzuki lacks in other areas, for example, the front brakes are meagre for such a big and heavy bike and it also lacks modern touches like ABS and traction control.
The clocks have an analogue speedo, but no rev counter. However, they do have a digital clock, twin trips, a digital fuel gauge and gear position indicator, which is a nice touch.

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Facts & Figures

Model info
Year introduced 2013
Year discontinued -
New price £10,999
Used price £7,500 to £8,500
Warranty term -
Running costs
Insurance group -
Annual road tax £85
Annual service cost -
Max power 78 bhp
Max torque 97 ft-lb
Top speed -
1/4-mile acceleration -
Average fuel consumption 53 mpg
Tank range 212 miles
Engine size 1462cc
Engine type 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, Liquid-cooled, SOHC, 54° V-twin
Frame type -
Fuel capacity -
Seat height 720mm
Bike weight 363kg
Front suspension -
Rear suspension -
Front brake -
Rear brake -
Front tyre size -
Rear tyre size -

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  • SUZUKI C1500T INTRUDER  (2013-on)
  • SUZUKI C1500T INTRUDER  (2013-on)
  • SUZUKI C1500T INTRUDER  (2013-on)
  • SUZUKI C1500T INTRUDER  (2013-on)
  • SUZUKI C1500T INTRUDER  (2013-on)
  • SUZUKI C1500T INTRUDER  (2013-on)
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