YAMAHA MT-09 SR (2014 - on) Review

At a glance

Owners' reliability rating: 3.9 out of 5 (3.9/5)
Annual servicing cost: £140
Power: 115 bhp
Seat height: Medium (32.1 in / 815 mm)
Weight: Medium (415 lbs / 188 kg)


New £7,699
Used £4,400 - £7,700

Overall rating

Next up: Ride & brakes
4 out of 5 (4/5)

There's not a lot wrong with the MT-09 in standard trim so this bike was always onto a bit of a winner.

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Ride quality & brakes

Next up: Engine
3 out of 5 (3/5)

A bit of a letdown. An aftermarket shock transforms this bike's handling and is well worth considering.


Next up: Reliability
4 out of 5 (4/5)

The SR uses the same three-cylinder engine used in the MT-09. It's a fantastic 115bhp motor that spins beautifully. There's lots of low-down grunt and a decent surge of top-end performance. The jerky power delivery has been mostly fixed now by a new fuel map that you ask to be used as standard when you order the bike.

Reliability & build quality

Next up: Value
5 out of 5 (5/5)

Suspension lets down what is otherwise a very capable all-rounder. The style of the SR will grab you or leave you cold.

Value vs rivals

Next up: Equipment
3 out of 5 (3/5)

Hard to justify the extra £750 for a few plastics and a different riding position. Also, you have to order the bike, order the SR package and then pick it up from a dealer. You can't just get an MT-09 and then get nthe kit bolted on. It just doesn't work that way apparently!


4 out of 5 (4/5)

The Street Rally(SR)  is a supermoto version of the big-selling MT-09. It comes with revised tank shrouds, side number plates, fork covers, a higher and flatter seat, headlight covers and handguards.

ANd those changes will cost you an extra £750 over the base MT-09.

And the suspnesion, like on the standard MT-09, is not great. The rear shock lacks refinement and struggles to cope with the lively power of the triple.


Engine size 847cc
Engine type 12v inline triple
Frame type Cast aluminium perimeter frame and double-sided swingarm
Fuel capacity 14 litres
Seat height 815mm
Bike weight 188kg
Front suspension 41mm USD forks, adjustable for preload and rebound damping
Rear suspension Single rear shock with preload and rebound damping
Front brake two 298mm discs with four-piston monobloc calipers
Rear brake 245mm single disc with single piston caliper
Front tyre size 120/70 x 17
Rear tyre size 180/55 x 17

Mpg, costs & insurance

Average fuel consumption 48 mpg
Annual road tax £93
Annual service cost £140
New price £7,699
Used price £4,400 - £7,700
Insurance group 14 of 17
How much to insure?
Warranty term 2 year unlimited mileage

Top speed & performance

Max power 115 bhp
Max torque 88 ft-lb
Top speed 145 mph
1/4 mile acceleration -
Tank range 200 miles

Model history & versions

Model history

The MT-09 was launched at the end of 2013 and was well received. It's a decent seller for Yamaha.

Owners' reviews for the YAMAHA MT-09 (2014 - on)

8 owners have reviewed their YAMAHA MT-09 (2014 - on) and rated it in a number of areas. Read what they have to say and what they like and dislike about the bike below.

Review your YAMAHA MT-09 (2014 - on)

Summary of owners' reviews

Overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 (3.9/5)
Ride quality & brakes: 3.8 out of 5 (3.8/5)
Engine: 4.6 out of 5 (4.6/5)
Reliability & build quality: 3.9 out of 5 (3.9/5)
Value vs rivals: 4.4 out of 5 (4.4/5)
Equipment: 3.8 out of 5 (3.8/5)
Annual servicing cost: £140
4 out of 5
12 July 2020 by Dracones

Year: 2014

Annual servicing cost: £100

For 5 by 5 MT-09 needs a better seat, a better rear suspension a little wind protection and a less snatchy engine.

Ride quality & brakes 4 out of 5

It probably needs a better suspension on the rear for more confident riding

Engine 5 out of 5

I fixed the problem of a uncontrollable acceleration with an Italian rapid bike easy modul. Now everything is under control the dynamic is better, The fan started only when it’s necessary And the answer of the acceleration it’s perfect

Reliability & build quality 5 out of 5

I have 7000 miles and no problems so far

Value vs rivals 5 out of 5
Equipment 4 out of 5

I change the seat put a windshield some Givi luggage hand guards for more comfortable trips

5 out of 5 The best combination three cylinder engine 191 kg 115 hp and a seat height of 81.5 cm
29 June 2020 by Festina Lente

Version: ABS

Year: 2014

For me, the most important thing, is the rapport between the weight and the power; 191 kg and 1 15 hp. This rapport give the bike the agility to fight with many other much more expensive bikes.

Ride quality & brakes 5 out of 5

Adjust very carefully suspensions. Add a Rapid Bike Easy against the snatchy throttle and everything will be at high standard.

Engine 5 out of 5

MT-09 comes with a very lean air-fuel ratio to pass the pollution test. Because of this the engine work very hot in the fan start often. The easy module fix this problem and the bike became very controllable.

Reliability & build quality 5 out of 5

I choose Yamaha for their renowned reliability and till now, the bike never let me down.

Value vs rivals 5 out of 5
Equipment 4 out of 5

I would prefer a more modern and generous display

4 out of 5 MT09 equals loads of fun
07 June 2020 by Dan Passmore

Year: 2016

Annual servicing cost: £100

Overall this bike is heaps of fun, quick, nimble and plenty of torque to keep you entertained.

Ride quality & brakes 3 out of 5

Rear shock is a let down and had to be upgraded

Engine 5 out of 5

More power than I will ever be able to fully use!

Reliability & build quality 5 out of 5

Not had any trouble with reliability problems. Ridden around Spain and Portugal over 2000 miles in 12 days and no issues.

Value vs rivals 4 out of 5

Servicing is fairly easy, mechanic friend looks after my bike.

Equipment 3 out of 5

Basic model without ABS, would like a quickshifter

Buying experience: Private sale with no issues

3 out of 5 Great bike...poor suspension
08 May 2020 by Graham Banks

Year: 2015

Annual servicing cost: £150

A good bike that could have been a great bike. Low budget ride let's the bike down. But what a cracker of an engine. Would I buy again?........maybe

Ride quality & brakes 2 out of 5

Poor shock and springs let down a superb engine. Yamaha went a bit to low budget. Couple that with an uncomfortable seat and many a rider will trade in early for a better ride.

Engine 5 out of 5
Reliability & build quality 3 out of 5

Great engine but the chassis components let down the overall experience with poor suspension front and rear

Value vs rivals 4 out of 5

Pads oil and tyres. Reasonable running costs. Fuel economy good to excellent

Equipment 3 out of 5

After a remap the engine is less snatchy and pulls like a train

5 out of 5 Low cost leaves $$ to make it a fun project bike.
08 April 2016 by Rob

Year: 2015

Worst features for me were the seat and suspension. Fixed both of those relatively cheaply. Best features are pretty much everything else. AMAZING engine!! Beautifully smooth power delivery, I'm not sure where MCN gets off labelling their review "2013 onward..." I didn't ride one of these until 2015 and when I did I was left wondering what everyone was on about with the throttle problems because they'd been fixed. I love how much money I had left to customise it. And I can't overstate that, I had budgeted for a Striple or Z1000 (both of which I would've put a pipe and power commander on) so I had a ton of cash left over and I've had so much fun making it unique.

Ride quality & brakes 5 out of 5

Great all rounder. I preferred the stock suspension for commuting because it was nice and plush but it was worth the upgrade because it rips through the twisty stuff now. I need a break about every 250km when I have to fill up. The longest I've gone on one tank so far is 260km and in theory I still had a bit but I wouldn't deliberately take it over 250km *****with the stock seat, it starts to hurt after an hour, an hour and a half and you want to get off, 2 hours is torture***** But my aftermarket seat only cost me $370AUD delivered to my door from France. I put a Puig screen on it which was a great move for touring, I've never ridden a bike with a screen before but I see the value on longer journeys now.

Engine 5 out of 5

There is nothing to fault, it smoothly delivers an amazing amount of power and torque from very low rpm!!

Reliability & build quality 5 out of 5
Value vs rivals 5 out of 5

Servicing is VERY cheap, however here in Aus, insurance is a bit out of control. That said, I'm sure that'd be the case for any bike in this category.

Equipment 5 out of 5

I've been lucky with accessories, top sellerie seat is a winner... first thing to get! For suspension I put a Nitron road race shock and in the front racetech gold valves and springs, had them professionally set up which in total set me back $1850AUD. CRG RC2 shorty levers (I wasn't a fan of the clutch and it's not adjustable), these are amazing but there are plenty of other options. Akrapovic carbon and power commander.... THAT SOUND!!!!! I think the titanium looks better but the sound! Puig screen, win. R&G rear hugger. Yamaha licence plate holder and LED turn signals. Phewwww, probably forgot oh yeah.... Tyres. Tyres tyres tyres... So mine came stock with Bridgestone S20 tyres. In the dry, I was using the entire tyre (after suspension upgrade) and had loads of grip, awesome if you can choose to sit the wet days out. But I found they give no warning in the wet, just slip. I don't have a car so I have to ride in the wet and they were a bit sketchy. So now I have Michelin PR4 tyres. Noticeably less grip in the middle of the tyre in the dry, but I think the edge seems good. Early days so far but I have used them in the wet a couple of times and I'm impressed. Not sure if I'd actually recommend them or not yet though.

2 out of 5 Snatchy, snatchy, snatchy MT-09
24 February 2016 by EPalm

Year: 2014

Annual servicing cost: £200

Snatchy, snatchy, snatchy, snatchy throttle!!! Best avoid, unless you like replacing your neck vertebrae from time to time!

Ride quality & brakes 3 out of 5

Ride quality adversely affected by that all-dominating snatchy throttle.

Engine 3 out of 5

Engine is 5/5 on the gas, but around town is blighted by, you guessed it, that snatchy, snatchy throttle. Spoils an otherwise brilliant engine.

Reliability & build quality 2 out of 5

Rusts to bits with winter weather. So-called nano-coated exhaust gets stained just like any other, regardless of what Yamaha say.

Value vs rivals 3 out of 5

Average cost range

Equipment 4 out of 5

Average. Nothing of note to praise.

Buying experience: Bought new from a dealer. Has good support, service, etc

4 out of 5 MT09 SA
22 February 2016 by Angus

Version: Naked

Year: 2014

Fuel consumption not great

Ride quality & brakes 4 out of 5

Good commuter, comfortable, handles fairly well, good power delivery

Engine 4 out of 5

Smooth power curve, addictive sound

Reliability & build quality 3 out of 5

Bar ends rusting inside

Value vs rivals 4 out of 5

Service not due yet

Equipment 4 out of 5

Akrapovic Titanium exhaust system

Buying experience: Dealer, demo, 3700km's, price paid R102,000.00

4 out of 5
21 May 2015 by Gary McLear

Year: 2014

Annual servicing cost: £150

Ride quality & brakes 4 out of 5

The high riding position gives you lots of feel for the rear of the bike but the standard set up leaves a lot to be desired when in comes to front end feel.

Engine 5 out of 5

The engine has to be the best part of the bike for me. its brilliant round town due to all the low down torque. but there is also more than enough high end power to put a smile on anyone's face

Reliability & build quality 3 out of 5

I have had problems with the kick stand sensor just killing the engine while riding.

Value vs rivals 5 out of 5

the bike cost me £150 to run last year excluding Tax and Insurance

Equipment 3 out of 5

for the price you pay for the bike there are quite a lot of nice features with this bike. you get a display that can display: Air Temperature Engine temperature Trip 1 Trip 2 MPG and mileage The bike also has 3 ride modes B Standard and A. The only one that seems different is the B mode which is the lowest (only ever use it in the rain) Standard and A seem to be very similar

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