Doble Motorcycles, Surrey


Year 2019
Mileage 1,117
Engine 1084cc

Honda certainly have struck gold by deciding to re-introduce their Africa Twin back into their range back in 2016 with the launch of the new CRF1000. It was an immediate success and sold in unprecedented numbers to a wide audience. Soon came the Adventure Sport version with a larger tank capacity and a more touring worthy stance. It was inevitable that it would be face-lifted and evolve with the times to keep its desirability as a best seller.,For 2020, the new CRF1100 Africa Twin was born with a wide range of variants to choose from; including the Africa Twin Adventure Sport which was undoubtedly the bike of choice for the majority of buyers in the predecessor models. We've now decided to sell our own one and put it up for sale at a keen price to encourage a quick sale.,It is the innovative DCT (Dual Clutch - AKA Automatic) equipped variant and finished in arguably the most desirable colour option of Honda's Pearl Glare White Metallic, Tri-Colour which is a throw back from the original Africa Twins from the late eighties. It has only covered a mere 11117 miles in all and as it leaves us is road ready with the first service under its belt. ,You will probably have already noticed that it is dripping with optional extras already and that's because it's the CRF1100D2-L 'Plus' version, with the plus meaning that it has just about every optional extra available from Honda's accessories catalogue and would set you back 18649 to buy brand new.,We've managed to make the numbers work out in your favour and achieved an asking price of just 15999 which represents a cool saving of almost 3000 for the sake of the ultra low mileage. The only thing separating this machine from a new one is the keen price, so can you afford to miss out?,(Subject to a 99.00 vehicle preparation fee).,Doble Motorcycles stock number 14817.

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Doble Motorcycles

86-92 & 103 Brighton Road, CR5 2NG

Why buy from Doble Motorcycles

Doble Motorcycles is a long established family run business founded in 1967 by Mike Doble senior and late brother Chris Doble. It all started with just one shop no. 88 Brighton road selling one or two step through mopeds and motorcycle servicing. Chris managed the bike business while Mike set up a used car showroom across the road at 103, this also took off very well and thrived as the motor industry boomed. Time moved on and expansion was inevitable for the Motorcycle shop. Honda was increasing its model range rapidly with big sellers like the Superdream and CX500. The adjacent shop no. 90 was acquired and soon become filled with exciting new models. But again the market grew and the need to expand soon arrived. Seeming to take over one end of Coulsdon no. 86 was sought and another 50% increase in size took place. Honda's market share also grew to keep customers coming back time and time again. It became apparent that car sales were not able to keep pace with the two wheeled sales, so all resources were pooled together to once again double the business size to give huge choice and diversity to the customer. Doble Motorcycles Selling and specialising in the world's leading makes from day one has been Doble's biggest strength. Mike Doble Junior and Paul Styles now run the dealership along with Mike Doble Senior, Anne Doble, and a good enthusiastic and dedicated team who all love working with motorcycles. Dobles have been nominated Honda dealer of the year four times. The award is not just based on sales, but on product presentation and more importantly, all round customer care. This is something Dobles pride themselves on and a practise, which has earned them a reputation for service & reliability throughout their many years in Coulsdon.