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Engine 800cc

Saving 1800. The 2020 Kawasaki W800 cafe is the perfect way to honour the original icon that was the Kawasaki W1. The bike bosts true classic character which speaks to you as you are riding. It connects you to the bike giving you that authentic classic bike experience without any draw backs. The 2020 W800 cafe perfectly blends classic character with modern life with the addition of discs brakes front and rear with ABS, LED headlight, crisp power delivery and phenomenal build quality. The W800 cafe is lavished in high quality accessories available from Kawasaki to make it your own. The new model shares just 1 percent of its parts with the previous model having been redesigned from the ground up. The W800 cafe is pure fun. You can ride it as hard as you can and it will lap it up or just take it easy and ride in comfort, either way you will be smiling and giggling the entire time. All brand new Kawasaki models come with 2 years manufacturers warranty, 12 months RAC cover, 12 months Club Kawasaki membership, Kawasaki History Key and Datatag. Upgrade your warranty to 4 years for just 295.

  • All road legal bikes sold by this dealer have passed a theft check (full details)
  • All road legal bikes sold by this dealer come with a warranty (full details).

Motorcycle Centre Orrell

5-7 Gathurst Road, Orrell, WN5 8QJ


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