MCN Fleet: A dim view of the F800GS

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It’s reached that depressing time of the year when the clocks go all topsy-turvy and night encroaches a lot sooner than it should.

The extra riding about in the dark has highlighted that the headlamp could be better on the GS. 

I first noticed that it wasn’t that good earlier on this year. I was riding near Dartmouth on some dark country lanes when I found the main beam next to useless. On investigation, I found that the headlamp assembly had worked itself loose and had moved out of alignment.


A trip to Balderstons BMW saw it realigned and tightened again. I thought this had sorted it. Except it still wasn’t that great. I hadn’t really had too much chance to notice it much before now as I was often riding on either in daytime or on well lit roads.

The light seems to just not reach far enough to be comfortable for me on full beam and even the elevated seating position doesn’t help. It could just do with a little extra power to help comfortably plan further ahead when riding.

I wonder if a set of sidelights could solve the problem for me. It certainly seems like the next logical step, however, the date in which the GS returns to BMW is looming and as such I don’t think I’ll get a chance to try some. It’s something to consider though.


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James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer